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Newbie - need your advice on 3 choices

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, May 25, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    i am testing 3 bikes tomorrow. i am just a learner, but my fiance has a full licence

    1. 2006 HyoSung GV650 (22,000kms)
    2. 2001 Honda VT250 Custom (22,000kms)
    3. 2007 Kawaski eliminator (5,000kms)

    number 1 and 2 from a dealer. 3 private sale. all roughly same price.

    Can you please help with known problems with any of these models?
    i live in the adelaide hills. i will be doing most of my riding in the hills on weekends.

  2. Hyo - it's a hyo that's the problem with the bike.
  3. 1. 2007 Kawaski eliminator (5,000kms)

    2. 2001 Honda VT250 Custom (22,000kms)
    3. 2006 HyoSung GV650 (22,000kms)

    In that order
  4. ditto 100%!
  5. ok i get the hint. STAY AWAY FROM HYOSUNG.

    my mates tell me i will tire of a 250 within a few months. i am 76kg. i dont intend on scraping pegs on my rides. i want to lop along and enjoy my weekends, cruising along at my own pace. if i wanted to go fast i would get a sport bike.

    i am totally green. never ridden before. will a 250 cut it for me, long term?

    not in this to race anyone....
  6. i had the same decision a while ago. i didnt spend much at all on the bike to use for my P's. Save your cash and when you are about to get off them go get a Harley
  7. Yeah a 250 will do for a couple of years, if you can get a 650 LAMs then go for it but if not don't stress just ride.

    The Hyosungs aren't bad, I had one for a long time but jap bikes are normally better.
  8. I heard that the Hyosung's prior to 2006 had rather low build quality.

    If you can get an eliminator, take it. I think its the most powerful (horsepower) 250 you can get. Awesome looking too.

  9. that eliminator is spotless. i dont think there was a fly shit on it. i am drooling over the concept of having that bike now.

    The 2006 Aquila 650 looks great, from a distance but the chrome is flaking off ALL over it.

    i havnt seen the honda, but 22,000 kms it will have to be a bit scratched up
  10. Looks like you've already made the decision
  11. Don't underestimate the VT250, it is one of the more powerful 250 CC cruiser and they look awesome!!! They are also very hard to find and keep their value very well.

    I ended up spending a bit more and bought a Yamaha XVS650 Custom. If you can afford it, find one of those.
  12. Well, the riding was left to my fiance who has had 10 years riding experience. i only got my learners a week today ago!

    her verdict, in order of testing.

    1. Honda. good power delivery, good looks, steering was awful and had to 'think' about doing roundabouts or turning sharply. Was in Excellent condition considering 22,000kms.

    2. Hyo Sung. she looked at it and didnt bother riding it

    3 Eliminator. just slightly less grunt than Honda, Excellent turning and felt at home immediately. not as good looking as the honda, but only by a little.

    I am now the PROUD owner of the Eliminator (BLACK EVERYTHING, even the wheels!). im getting it serviced by kawasaki tomorrow, and first ride on the weekend. 4,900kms. i paid $5300.00. not even a fly shit on it.

  13. WAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! Congrats!! That's wicked news :D

    PICS! Lots and lots of pics are now required - well done man!
  14. Thanks mate, i got it at fiance house at the moment (we got it at 8.00pm) as she lives close to kawaski dealer. once it the insurance is finalised today, and gets a service i will take photos and put them on here.