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Newbie mistake :D

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Zdster, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. So had to laugh at myself the otherday.

    I made my first ever mistake on a bike - ran out of fuel :p. Luckily I was just up the road from home and had just enough fuel for a rolling start to get it home. For some reason when I flicked to reserve I wasnt able to turn over the bike, so will have to check that out.

  2. Always good to do it once- to find out just how far you CAN go on a single tank :)

    The bike probably tried to run with no fuel through the line, and thus needs to be primed. The easiest way I find to do this is either hold your starter for a while and it'll eventually get more fuel (I don't like this as it uses battery), or better yet flick to reserve, and find a nice hill to do a roll start and it'll just prime itself as it tries to kick over.
  3. LOL - now I know for next time. Got a bit over 300km which I thought was pretty good :LOL:.

    So in other words, 'priming' is simply transferring fuel from the tank to the cylinders via the lines and because there was no fuel in the lines you need to either push start or force the fuel through via the ignition (pressing the starter)?
  4. If there is a prime position on your fuel tap (eg. zzr, gpx), you simply put it on that for a few seconds / whilst you're starting it, before changing to reserve.
  5. It depends on your bike and how the fuel system is set up. Some will need the tap to be set to prime others wont and will start no problems.
    Put ya bike in your profile and we will have a better ieda.
  6. Its just a little GPX ;). There are three positions on the fuel tap (as far as I understand); the standard tank/on, off and the reserve???
  7. No "prime" on the GPX.

    I used to get >20km/litre as a minimum... and with an 18 litre tank you could go a long way before needing fuel, especially on highway and with favourable winds...

    It's concerning that you switched to reserve and the final couple of litres didn't simply kick in... looks like someone has switched the reserve and normal hoses or you have a reserve line blockage. Best you get this checked :)

  8. So if there was a 'prime' would it be a fourth position on the fuel tap?

    Is there an easy way to tell if the line is blocked (other than pulling off the line and flushing it out)?
  9. When I first got my CBR600 i ran outta fuel. I took the guy who owned the bikes advice on what was reserve and what was normal.

    Found out the hard way it was the opposite as to what he suggested.
  10. I think there are only 3 positions, if a bike have Prime, then it would be On, Prime & Reserve. Otherwise its On, Off & Reserve.
  11. Meh, I ride a gpx also (I also get just over 300km to the tank) and when I did my dry test I had the same thing happen.

    My best estimate at what happens is the carbies run dry as they try to run without fuel supplied, then when you switch to reserve there is still air in the line and no fuel going to the carbies so they don't let the engine kick over.
  12. I did the same thing the other day on my mate's ZZr250. Riding along in the right lane on the Monash freeway, engine spluttered, then no power. Then the revs started dropping and i started panicking lol! Managed to get accross to the emergency lane somehow (the cagers were very nice, i was probably doin about 40km/h by the time i got outa their way :oops: ).
    Flicked to reserve, but the engine wouldn't turn over. Rang my mate, who told me about priming the lines etc.

    That was the first time i've run outa fuel. :p
  13. Oh cool. Glad I am sort of not on my own here :LOL: :p
  14. Sit on the bike and practice changing the tap from on ot reserve when stationary. Then, while riding, at the first hint of lack of power...(you do know that your close to empty don't you?) change the tap to reserve. Works for me.
  15. Yeah that's the thing. Being able to switch over to reserve while still riding. I'll have to practice that one.
  16. I've found on mine that if i run out of fuel whilst riding, i can coast quite happily to a safe spot to pull over so I can manually switch to reserve.

    Mind you, i do try and fill the tank when i've clocked up 250km as that way I don't have to worry about it :p
  17. just reset your trip meter when you fill up, and top up when you are close to when the reserve needs to be accessed. Best advise I have had.
  18. get a bike with a fuel guage

    and never leave it empty (some tanks rust from the inside out if left empty)
  19. Yeah mate, I've done the same thing on my ZZR. I was 17kms from the nearest petty station (I was in the national park), and being a new rider didn't know if the reserve would get me there. It took about 30 seconds of turning the engine over, once I'd switched to the reserve, for fuel to get to the carbie and the bike to start.

  20. Got my GPX to do the same just at the end of my citilink offramp heh. With the wind at 100KM/H I didn't realise the engine stopped. Switched over to reserve when stationary but it wouldn't start! Was really worried for a second but gave it a breather and then started. Priming has relevance to me now!