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Newbie Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Scottie81, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    I just got my Learners last month and just bought a Honda CBR650F. Any tips on places to improve my skills, bike maintenance and rides in Melbourne would be awesome.

    Hopefully meet some of you soon!!
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  2. Welcome Scottie, Check out the Ride Announcement threads for Victoria. And come down to Saturday Morning practice in StKilda/Elwood.
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    Hi Scotte81Scotte81. Welcome. As cjvfrcjvfr said come "down", you must be one of those rare spirits that lives in the "cloud"! I chuckle when people look up at the sky when they refer to "the cloud".
    Lots to learn here.
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  4. Welcome to NR..
  5. welcome to Netrider Scottie....as already mentioned, Saturday morning practice in Elwood is highly recommended!
  6. welcome aboard :) congrats on the LS and the bike
  7. Indeed, welcome aboard, and, as others have suggested, beam yourself down to Saturday Morning Practice...
  8. Welcome! Check out the rider tips thread, some awesome comments about performing maintenance and the such.
  9. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  10. Thanks guys. I have been to a couple of the elwood sessions and now looking to join one of the rides.
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  11. any luck hitching onto a group ride.

    im also looking to join one of the beginner rides on the weekend.