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Newbie Melbourne Lady

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Black Betty, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Hi! I'm new to Melbourne and new to road bikes too. I'm loving getting acquainted with my Kawasaki Eliminator VN250, Betty, and today I did my first freeway ride (YAY!!).

    Next month I'm off to tour Tasmania for 2 weeks and would love to hear from anyone who has been to Tassie and has any tips or suggestions.

    I'm also a newbie-no-mates, and don't know a single other person who rides in Melbourne! It'd be great to hear from any ladies (or blokes) out there who are looking for someone to go for a ride with occasionally. Cheers!

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  2. Howdy, welcome to the forum.. I'd suggest going to one of the Saturday Learner sessions to meet fellow riders to gain some new skills as well as new friends.

    [Saturday] 10am Basic Skills Practice

    What part of town are you in? If you're not comfortable riding to practice i'm sure there would be someone who could buddy with you and take you there.

  3. Thanks Juz. This sounds great! Where can I find more info on the Saturday learner sessions? I'm in the inner north.
  4. Oh, I'm a goose. Just realised you'd sent a link :)
  5. Black BettyBlack Betty glad you found it :)

    That's a nice lookin' bike you have.

    There's always someone keen for a ride.. You just need to ask.
  6. Thanks Ned. The pics are great - amazing scenery! I'm really looking forward to it.
  7. welcome aboard :] great bike :]:finger:
  8. Welcome to NR.
  9. Welcome Black BettyBlack Betty. You riding around Tassie?
  10. Tassie sounds like a great ride.. I saw RidingWithTom do his trip.. must add it to the list of things to do.
  11. Welcome to the forum Black Betty! Two weeks in Tassie sounds awesome, especially if you're on the bike!
  12. Hi Black BettyBlack Betty Tassie is a baptism of fire for you. Fantastic bike riding country. I am sure you will have a great time and 2 weeks gives you the opportunity to do a few touristy things as well.

    Strathgordon Road is a definite: Lots of wildlife with little road sense. Watch out for wallabies. No FUel or Maybe very expensive fuel at Strathgordon. Fill up at Maydena.
    Lake Leake Road: Fantastic.
    Elephant Pass Road: Very Narrow and tight.
    Port Arthur: Reasonable run in, quite interesting location.

    Spend a day at Strahan, The River cruises up the Gordon river are worth a go. The Wilderness train is worth a go, not cheap but a spectacular run.
    Bicheno has the motorcycle museum is that interests you. Great collection of bikes.
    If you arrange to be in Hobart on a Saturday then Salamanca Market is worth a look.

    The one warning I would give is the wildlife is far more prolific, try not to ride on isolated roads at dawn or dusk. Have a ball.
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  13. Welcome Black Betty, I am in Tassie and on the East Coast so let me know if you need a guide/riding buddy on this section of your adventure. Any excuse to play on the bike is good and I ride an eliminator too so there's a photo opp. There aren't too many around down here.
    CJVFR warned you about the wildlife down here, take heed as they are very prolific due to the dry conditions even in the daytime. Last week a roo jumped off an embankment into the path of a 4x4 that I was lining up to overtake in a section of twisties near Bicheno. I just glimpsed him jump then he reappeared from under the 4x4. I swerved left, he rolled - got up and tried to head the same way but luckily for me his leg was broken and collapsed otherwise we would have both been belly up.
    A lot of our roads are narrow and your view is obscured by vegetation so expect the unexpected and try to concentrate on the road not the scenery.
    February/March are great months to ride as the weather is usually settled and the roads a bit quieter. Bring visor cleaner as you will be peppered with grasshoppers and insects, particularly in the farming areas, and they fly fast down here ...........
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  14. Yep, Petesul, I'll be taking my bike on the ferry and meeting a friend who's flying from Sydney and hiring a bike in Hobart. She and I met in Vietnam a few years ago and did a 12 day motorbike trip around northern Vietnam together.
    Now that was baptism by fire! (And remains one of the best experiences of my life to date).
    But this is my first ever proper road bike, so I'm nervous nonetheless.

    Thanks for all the tips cjvfr!
  15. From driving in Tassie, I recall roads are far twistier than in Victoria, so travelling time is slower. And where you would have an avisory speed sign in Victoria on a bend, you would have no such thing on Tassie. But the scenery is to die for!
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  16. Hi Black Betty and welcome to NR. You will have adventure of a lifetime! I just had 3 weeks there in a car, can't wait to do it all again on a bike :) Tasmania has to be on every rider's bucket list.