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Newbie Mature Biker – SE Melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by whitenite, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone

    I’m new to the forum, and plan on returning to biking after a long hiatus. 1st rode, unlicensed of course, when I was 12 (29 yrs ago now) Looking forward to getting my 17th bike v soon …

    Presently eyeing either a Sachs MadAss 125 or a Yamaha Scorpio, which I intend to use strictly for commuting. No plan to tour. At least not until I can convince the missus …

    Cheers all!
  2. Welcome Whitenite

    Lots of different people with different opinons and advice here. Make sure you come along to a coffee night and a ride event.

  3. Daam thats a shipload of bikes :grin:

    Looking to hear your views and experiences over the years.

  4. Welcome to Netrider :). You must give us a catalogue of all those machines!
  5. Welcome to our little world.. :grin:
  6. Yeah, let's test your memory, "old man". :wink:

    Welcome to NR! :grin:
  7. Yeah I was going to say 29 isn't that old (wouldn't call most 29 year olds I know mature either :p)

    welcome to the site :)