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Newbie looking to get some confidence back

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by KNinjaGirl, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    I have been lurking for awhile and thought it time to make an introduction. Am loving the forum so far.

    I have been on my L's for about 6 months and have only been for a couple of rides.

    I made the rookie error of grabbing a fist full of front brake whilst doing low speed cornering and the bike dropped on me trapping my leg. I got back on and kept riding and have been on rides since then.

    About 2 months ago I developed a fear of my bike and am unable to get back on it.

    Hoping to overcome the fear and book into a training centre soon to get my confidence back. I love riding and my bike but just need to overcome the demon holding me back.
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  2. perhaps check out the mentor thread and see if someone's will to give you some one on one time.
  3. Do you have any riding friends you can organise to go out with? Start small and build your way back up again. As Archer said there may be some help available in the mentor thread.
  4. Assuming you have been honest with yourself in evaluating your fear, isolate it if you can and see if its genuinely workable. Sometimes people find the desire to ride just isnt strong enough. Hopefully thats not the case and you just need to overcome the doubt.
    Only way to do that is ride. Find a quiet place and set yourself some simple tasks, if you feel good when you achieve them you are on your way.
    A mentor might be a big help as well.
  5. I have quite a few friends who ride that would be willing to help.

    I was thinking of going to a training centre so I would be away from traffic and just had to concentrate on riding before I get back on the road.
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  6. Welcome to the forum. I hope you find some way to get past your fear, but honestly it's not the end of the world if you don't. Good idea on easing back into it away from traffic.
  7. It sounds ridiculous but I think I am worried about getting run over because I was trapped under the bike and felt helpless.

    I am going to book into a training centre so I can learn away from traffic until I feel comfortable again. I have no problems riding - I panic doing the slow speed stuff when the bike is unstable.
  8. Maybe you can hire a naked 125 from the traing centre which may feel less bulky and likely to trap you? Get used to that before trying the ninja again?
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  9. I dropped my girl (a Ninj) on myself about 4 days after getting her. I was pinned under her but got myself out .
    I was a bit paranoid about dropping her again but can I humbly suggest that you go somewhere quiet with your friends and lay your bike over and learn to pick her up? :)
    I learnt how to pick her up and then felt confident that if I dropped her it was okay..I could get her up again.
    Well CrazyCamCrazyCam saw me drop her doing slow cornering and I picked her up no probs.
    The next time (yep there was more carnage ;)) I put my right foot down on a steep camber, met with air and dropped her on my leg yet again but this time with about 50 or more bikers as witnesses at a popular stopping point...excellent!
    Don't give up :)
    Can you touch the ground okay?? If not our ninjas are so easy to get lowered...
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  10. Hi KNinjaGirlKNinjaGirl and welcome. I still get mad at myself when I get the wobbles although it's getting less and less with almost daily riding.

    I can understand that being trapped under your bike in traffic would have been terrifying. And being trapped doesn't exactly enable you to just pop up and lift your bike (although as OldmaidOldmaid suggested, learn how to do this).

    I still practice in car parks a lot to help where I'm away from traffic, Have you got anywhere like this you can go? The confidence that comes from learning how to manoeuvre your bike at low speeds through constant practice will hopefully give you one less to worry about when you're in traffic. Your pic looks like you're flat footing it on your Ninja, so it doesn't look like height is the issue.
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  11. KNinjaGirlKNinjaGirl welcome to NR! I hope you get back on your bike soon..
  12. welcome KNinjaGirlKNinjaGirl - follow the advice given definitely - take it easy and go somewhere where you don't have to worry about other traffic etc - slow speed manoeuvring as GoldenberriGoldenberri suggests is really important in terms of controlling your bike - hope you are back enjoying the countryside sooner rather than later
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  13. Put a positive spin on your leg getting pinned, it probably saved your fairings from damage!
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  14. in the situation of a little lie down, could decent size oggy knobs help to hold bike up a little and reduce tendency to pin legs?
  15. It's a shame that your in QLD as I'd happily help you get back out their riding. All I can offer from here is take your time and don't let anyone push you outside your comfort zone. Start by just riding out the front of your house or in a carpark in low gears so you can build that confidence back up. Good luck!
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  16. It will take time, determination, practice and patience. Once biking is in your blood you're hooked, so be brave and stick in there, you'll get it back
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  17. It sounds like you're less scared of riding and more scared of being trapped under the bike again... can I suggest something a little Zen? Have your experienced rider friends teach you how to get out from under a bike properly. Unless you're a professional weightlifter, you're never going to lift 100+kg of dead weight bike straight up when you're on the ground under it!! It's more about leverage and less about muscle, if you ever played "stacks on" with your siblings, you'll know what I mean. I'm not suggesting you go and lie under your bike in the driveway but maybe something like a wheelbarrow would be a good start? Hope you get it sorted and enjoy riding again but if not, there's no shame in being a miserable car driver. ;)
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