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Newbie looking for confidence boost

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by DukeBoy82, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I know i'm over reacting, but i'll post this anyway.
    I've been soo excited about getting a bike, its been all i can think about lately. So... I got my learners last week. I've been looking around for a bike the last few weekends.

    Anyway, I had a day off on Friday and decided to use it to take some bikes for a test ride to see how i felt.

    Over all the bikes I tried were a Honda CB250, which didn't thrill me at all, and the other was meant to be a VTR250. I couldn't ride the VTR as the dealer couldn't find the keys.

    Anyway, i took a GS500 for a test ride as it was the other i was considering getting.

    The test rides were good, although i was nervous as it the first time on the road after my learners course. All in all, I didn't make any mistakes. It just felt odd, and strange, probably cause i was able to go faster than at the course.

    Anyway, tonight i suddenly had this thought pop into my head which is the first time i've had it, what if i don't like riding a bike. I'll be stuck with a bike that i now have to sell.

    I'm probably just being silly, tell me please if i am. I've loved bikes since i was old enough to know what they were, My dad has always had bikes.

    Some words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Some people are not just cut out for bikes. Thats my opinon but if you love it now, and you have hardly ridden, my money is on the fact that you'll love it. I know I did.
  3. please excuse me while i teabag your face for even thinking such sins.....

    now, where were we?

    have you bought any gear yet, like helmet, leathers, jacket, pants, boots etc? if not, maybe just invest in some cheaper gear like a pair of draggins rather than the leathers. a basic helmet rather than a $1200 carbon fibre thingy. etc etc.

    take the VTR for testride if you can, i think anyone who rides one will love it. i know i did, thats why i bought one. give things a bit of time, look aorund for a good deal on a bike, and then if you do decide in the end to sell it, you might even make a profit.

    once (if) you get a bike, go have a play for a day, on some sidestreets and try and find some hills/fun stuff. away from traffic, jsut get to know the bike.

    i'd think you should know if your enjoying it or not, most people get off from their first few rides with a grin like the cheshire cat :grin: i know i did :)

    all in all, just give it some time and some thought. you'll know what to do eventually :)
  4. Hey Nibor,

    I know i got off the test ride of the GS500 with a grin from ear to ear.

    I was really impressed by it.
    I found cornering at a faster speed than what they do in the learner course a little daunting.

    I'm probably just being silly. I've been wanting a bike since i was 16. I'll get it and see how i go, give it some time and then re-evaluate.


    sorry to waste your time on a trivial point.
  5. ur not wasting my time, ur making my night less boring :)

    this is what i mean :grin:

    its like that for a few rides. hell its even worse the first time u go into a corner a little hot. but thats all the fun, getting used to everything, then pushing your boundaries further, bit by bit.

    yes you are :p your gonna love it i reckon. let me know what the first thing u think of tomorrow morning when u wake up is. im betting its wanting to go for another ride :grin:
  6. Hey Dukeboy,

    Did they teach you to countersteer, the whole look right, push right, turn right thingy?? ( Push bars the direction you want to go)?

    I found my 1st rides super daunting as the instructors told me just to look there & i'll get there which sometimes worked & sometimes didn't.

    Its all new senses senses so you'll be right. Some dealers also don't help the nerves.

    I've got mates who thought they wanted to ride but then decided against it once they got riding...each to their own but you won't know until you try it.

    Best of luck.
  7. The instructors basically teach you, look where you are going. Nothing about counterstearing at all.

    I've spoken to a guy at work this morning who is at the same level as me (on his L's). He said i'm just nervous and will be fine. If I wasn't going to enjoy i would have known that during the learners course i recon.

    I'll get the bike and see how i feel after some time. It will most likely be something similar to when i first was learning snowboarding (a balance thing is what i'm getting at). It was strange at first but i love it now.
  8. The fact you ask this crap makes me wish we had a moderator to delete all ridiculous threads.

    Get a bike if you want one, don't if you don't.

    Is it really that fcuking hard?
  9. Cheeses Browny!
    Your life must be simple if that's all it comes down to for you.
    The rest of us have to take a few more things into consideration.
    And some need a little encouragement to get where they are going, just like the title suggested.
    Next time, if you don't have anything to say resembling what this fellow was asking for - just shut-up FFS. :evil:
  10. Get a bike, get some gear, ride.

    If you find you don't like it after a month, you can sell the bike for the same or at least very very close to what you bought it for due to learner legal bikes depreciating VERY slowly.
  11. Thanks guys, I'm gonna get the bike. See how i go after a few months. I realise now that i was being silly. I'll think before posting next time.

    Happy riding.
  12. You're not being silly at all .. just plain STUPID :LOL:
    Get your bike .... worst that can happen >> you sell it later
  13. Cheeses Raven! :wink:
    FFs look at the OP.. he loves bikes.. always has.. dad had one.. he's test rode a few.... Blah, blah blah.

    Then he asks 'tell me if i am silly'??? WTF :?:
    Mate, i don't make peoples decisions for them.... I'm not going to encourage him... He can do what he wants FFS
    I don't want to satisfy the obvious need for reassurance with every frickin decision he has to make in life

    OK Raven I'll try again and put a positive spin on it for all the concerned readers out there.............................

    Oi Dukeboy..... you're 25 mate.. time you started making decisions for yourself!! If you want to get a bike FFS get one and enjoy it like the rest of us, If you don't enjoy it sell it!

    Is that better Raven??? :roll:
  14. No worries Dukeboy.. my apologies if i came across a bit strong. Mate, it's a decision YOU have to make, no one else can for you.
    Glad you decided to do it though, look forward to seeing you on the road sometime :grin:
  15. Don't be a smart-arse browny..
    This is a section for "noobs", where all kinds of questions are likely to be asked or talked about...I can't say it's high on my hit parade either, but that's exactly what this area is for, so expect comparative threads here.
    There's just no need to make anyone feel like they are an idiot for wanting to talk about something.
  16. Fair call Raven.
  17. Wow... talk about a tangent...

    Anyhoooos... how about that bike? Have you arranged for a test ride yet? :p
  18. I've taken a Suzuki GS500 for a test ride, as well as a 2nd hand Honda CB250 (which was not my cup of tea). I'm yet to take a VTR250 for a ride, but from the grin on my face after the GS test ride. I'm 99% sure thats the one i'm going to get.

    The test ride wasn't for very long because I was more concerned about not pranging it than trying to enjoy the ride. (it was after all my first time on the road).

    I'm just arranging the money side of things now, and will order it either today or tomorrow.
  19. HeyDukeboy82...no matter what you get you can change it when you have more experience. Get ya bum on the seat and go boy! I did...I am so silly though...waiting till I was 54! Just did my big ride 8500ks alone and had the time of my life. I can just imagine what a young fella can get upto! Practice practice practice. :LOL: I have Honda Shadow 750 and the basic gear because I wasn't sure if I'd stick to it. I know now I can get REAL serious with the gear I'd prefer. Bags/jackets/helmet etc. I can't believe I just travelled to Melbourne and back with a nerdy purple bag strapped to my seat! Not cool at all but hey who givea a**** I went! And I am Going again!!
    You keep safe and enjoy.
  20. In terms of confidence/nervousness when first starting, having a mate ride in traffic with me was awesome. Someone to follow/get in the right positions for turns was a real help.