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Newbie Learner

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Timbo80, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody, my name is Tim and I'm a bike-aholic!!
    I finally got my Learners and bought a bike (Suzuki GSX650F). :biker:
    So I thought I'd come and join this community of like minded people. I am a learner in every sense of the word, have not really ridden before now, but have certainly caught the bug and can't wait to get the hours up. See you on the road, happy riding. Cheers.:beer:

  2. Welcome to Netrider, Tim. Great choice in bike. :)
  3. Thanks Sheepy.

    Unfortunately that bike is now gone. :(

    I had an accident not long after i got it, where i hit some loose gravel and put it down. It was declared a write off. :-({|=

    But....a broken collar bone, a steel plate and 12 screw later, I'm back on the road. This time on a near new 2010 Ninja 250. Will post a pic of the beastie shortly.

    So...back on the bike and back on the forum!! :) Sorry I took so long to respond.

    Happy Riding!!:beer:
  4. Welcome a second time. Take it a little easier this round, you can only survive so many metal bits and pieces screwed in to you. ;) Good Luck.
  5. oh sh1t! Was going to say the GSX650F would be a great choice of bike. I'm sure you'll enjoy the Ninja as well...
  6. Welcome baaaaack, avoid gravel dis time :grin:
  7. Welcome. Hope this time it's a smoother introduction into your riding. Good luck and enjoy the ride...
  8. Thanks everyone, glad to be back!! :dance:

    As promised, here's a pic of my new little beastie.
    I do miss my GSX but my little Ninja is just as fun. (y)

    Happy Riding!
  9. Thanks NSSherlock.

    I'll definitely have to check out those sessions, help me prep for the P's test. :)

  10. Ohh I like.. its the same as mine :) Welcome to NR and hope you have better luck with this one