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Newbie, Learner, CB400 Melb Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sky9, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. Hi NR members,

    Just introducing myself to the NR forum.

    Found heaps of great information here before I recently purchase my first bike (Honda CB400). And hoping to pop down to the Elwood Sat Learner meet up! :)


  2. Welcome Sky9. nice choice of bike :). Hope to see you at Elwood soon.
  3. welcome to NR, good choice of bike, see you at elwood one day
  4. Cheers guys. Will definitely make an appearance real soon!

    ultram, I read on another thread that you have a Megacycle exhaust on your CB?
    Definitely interested to hear the sound it makes as I'm tossing up between the Staintune or Megacycle slip-on atm :)
  5. Nice buy mate, the cb400 is a sweet bike. Only qwerk I found is gear shifting, gears clunk slightly unless you engange the gear before the clutch, it will produce a smoother gear change. Other than that, sweet bike for the twisties and looks great.
  6. Thanks for the tip Var.
    Being my first bike, I can't really tell how clunky or smooth the gearbox is suppose to be :)
    I'm still breaking her in atm, so hopefully it will smooth out further!

    But I might actually enjoy the clunkiness haha so I know fully that have got into the next gears haha
  7. Lo from adelaide
  8. Hello, I'm a newbie here too, just got my first bike during the week (mine's a Honda VT400).
  9. No probs, I am a regular at the Saturday session, so I will be happy to start it up for you, although I do have a new bike coming soon. The Megacycle exhausts are (were?) made in Melbourne but I did hear the owner was closing up so I am not sure if they are still available.

    The standard exhaust is a bit ummm, boring :)
  10. Hi sky9 and welcome to NR. Hope to see you at Saturday practice soon.
  11. Yeah down at Cheltenham I think, if that's the case maybe Staintune is the way to go. Saw some clips on Youtube and they sound pretty nice too.

    Just wondering if it is advisable to fully break in the bike first before changing the can??
  12. Cheers GreyBM! Looking forward to it. Just hope this dreadful Melb weather will improve soon!
  13. Nice, another 400cc rider :)
    My mate just also picked up his bobber Honda Steed and loving it!
  14. Gday Sky9! Had a couple of rides on my gf's CB400, fantastic bike, love it. What i've found with the gearbox is you definitely have to CLEAR the gear lever all together between shifts. Pre-load for the upshift and flick the throttle for the gear change, but to do it again you really need to make sure the lever returns to ground zero so to speak.

    The gearbox is like butter compared to my bike... Has a very long throw though. Hope to see you around the rides soon!

    I'm also interested into aftermarket exhausts... currently i'm being passed by a bike that makes no noise. Feels wrong.
  15. Funny how the CB400 and the GS500 goes hand in hand.
    I'm cruising with my learner mate at the moment who is also riding a GS500.
    I did had a go on his GS and I did noticed the gear shifts in 'harder'.
    But I must say his carby engine with stock can sounds nicer, deeper than the CB haha
  16. Have fun on the forums and welcome in buddy
  17. Welcome to NR :)
  18. Hey [MENTION=38306]sky9[/MENTION] Where abouts in melbourne are you from ??
  19. Inner East side, Camberwell area. See you are at Chaddy?
  20. Yeah im in chaddy.. still very green myself.. catch you around soon maybe.