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Newbie latestarter Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Latestarter, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,
    Looks like I should have introduced myself first before replying to another member? now making my first ever social media entry.....looks like a big learning curve coming up, may even try writing a blog?

    Another grey nomad - 65 - retired- bored .......until I decided to ride a bike, 6 months ago never sat on one, silly me went out and bought a new Kawasaki Versys 650L, dropped it the first day grrrrr and with a bad back and 4 hernia operations picked up 200kg, 4 months later failed MOST .....nearly gave up , then practiced every day for a month, read many suggestions on NR on how to slow ride and passed MOST on Tuesday with a perfect score, unbelievable relief that I could now continue with my new 'hobby'

    Now focusing on speed of gear changes and cornering on a great practice road ie live near the old Pacific Highway Hornsby. Glad to ride any weekday with other beginners or very patient and a coffee at PITs..... Sorry but too many crazy riders on weekends.
    Thanks everyone for your posts over recent months that answered many queries I had.
  2. Welcome. I ride the Old Road during the week regularly (you're correct about the idiots at the weekend).
    I'll PM you the next time I'm heading up there for a ride.
  3. Welcome.
    The Old Pacific Hwy is a poor excuse for a fun road, if you want to do the Putty, Kangaroo Valley, or multi-day trip away during the week, let me know. I only work half the year ;)
  4. Never ever too old for anything just have to want to do it! Good for you persevering and huge congrats on the most. You need to contact CrazyCam as he likes a good run up the old pac during the week.
  5. The problem with meeting crazycam is you'll spend forever checking out the incredible bikes his mates bring to PITS
  6. Welcome to NR...
  7. Thanks a lot, Womble......

    Yeah, some of them do have some quite tasty bikes.

    Agree about the weekend warriors, I'd rather not get involved, but <shrug> I guess someone has to keep the wheels of industry turning.

    Maybe see you up there at PITS, Latestarter........

    My blue cap with CrazyCam written in Yellow on it, is a bit of a give away.....
  8. Welcome to a life of addiction......
  9. Welcome !

    65 years young! Well done; now you can enjoy a lifetime of fun and challenges and all the great fun and people that go with motorcycling!
  10. Thanks, I will need to do some day trips first then buy a tail bag...is that the correct term?
  11. Went for a ride and coffee this morning about 10.30. What time and do you normally go?
  12. Under normal circumstances, I'd have been just arriving about the 10.30 mark.....
    no point in leaving the house until the school zones are over...

    But, today, as it happens, I had an appointment in RPAH medical centre @ 10.00.

    Tell you what, after over ten years of NOT commuting, it comes as a shock to the system riding in Sydney morning traffic.

    OTOH, on the way in, stopped, on Victoria Road, I did say "hello" to a nice lady riding a red scooter.

    She pointed to my BMW and told me that she had one of them in her garage, so, of course, I pointed to her Italian scooter and said that...."Yeah, and I have an Italian scooter in my garage....sadly waiting for parts from Italy, hence I'm riding the BMW."

    OK, fine.... in I went, had the tests done, and, on my way home, same lady, on same scooter, comes up along side...."Hi again!" sez she.

    I missed my chance, 'cos the lights changed at that point.... I was going to say....We can't go on meeting like this..... How about a coffee. ...but, she was gone. <sigh>

    As for tomorrow, unless I get a better offer, I should be up at PITS about the 10.30 mark.
  13. Was this a dream? Maybe she was stalking you? Or maybe you could have similar name to me ie. slowstarter? Or maybe you are just 'crazy ' for not getting her name and number?
    See you at 10.30
  14. Nope.

    Not judging by the way she shot off through a right turn at traffic lights.... no.

    Could well be.

    Very probably.
  15. Welcome Latestarter :)

    It's never too late and good on you for giving it another go , that's the spirit ! :)
  16. welcome aboard :], you're never to old
  17. Never too late!!!!! Have fun
  18. G'day LatestarterLatestarter, you old bugger! Thinking I was probably born the same decade. I started a few years ago, and it's the best ever! Enjoy.
  19. Welcome to NR. Learning to ride at 65. Well done.
  20. You have a great bike to learn your craft on mate. Have fun and welcome to the club.