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Newbie Lady - Melbourne.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kazinga, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm Karen from Vermont and I'm a big (well, small actually) newbie to riding, and this forum.

    After a couple rather uncomfortable pillion sessions on the back of my husband-type-person's 1098 Ducati, I'm presuming that being a rider is probably a far more pleasant experience (both for him and me!).

    So, with that in mind I have booked in to do my L's test next month.
    Have never ridden before, so providing I do pass I'm looking forward to coming down to the Saturday sessions in the near future, to pick up tips and meet some lovely new people.

    Don't have a bike just yet, but am looking around for a little Ninja 250 and will no doubt have one very soon.

    Cheers, Kaz.
  2. Welcome to the nuthouse Kaz :D

    See you at Sat practice soon :)
  3. Hey Karen,

    Welcome to NR, pull up a chair a beer (or poison of your choice ) and a bag of popcorn.. Lots of stuff on here that will help you along whilst getting your license and getting up on the road. Good luck with the permit ! :biker:
  4. Hi Karen and welcome to NR
  5. Welcome to NR, Kaz. Hope to see you on one of the Saturday sessions.

    Your HTP (husband-type-person) has a nice bike.
  6. Welcome and good luck with the test (y)
  7. Hi all, thanks for you greetings and well wishes! It's so nice to hear positive comments in regards to me going for my L's, because so far almost every person out here in the real world I have mentioned it to start on with the "temporary Australian" speech!! It's depressing the hell out of me.
  8. Welcome Kaz, great choice, the Ninja 250 is a great learner bike (y)

    They're in lala land Kaz. The second you got on the back of that 1098 you stepped into the real world - you know what they say; Four wheels moves the body, but two wheels move the soul :biker:
  9. I'm not sure if I have one of those :demon:
  10. Welcome Kaz

    The view from the front is much nicer than the view from over someone's shoulders (y)
  11. HI Kaz, I used to ride pillion all the time and I can assure you its much better to ride your own! Welcome to NR and its great to see another lady rider on board.
  12. Hi Kaz welcome, great to see another lady rider
    Once you start riding you will truly know what it means to feel alive and forget about that temporary Australian crap, it's BS
  13. Hey Kaz, welcome to NR and all the best for your test. I just passed my learners, looking forward to seeing you one Saturday soon!
  14. Hey all,
    Thanks again for your warm welcome. Look forward to meeting some of my fellow Melbournians soon!

    I bought a bike today, a 2011 250R. Here 'tis....

  15. nway to go

    it looks huge with you sitting on it
  16. Ignore them. They know nothing. They see something from a distance, coloured by the experience and mistakes of those who couldn't, and amplified by the bleating of the media. Attend, participate, learn, enjoy - make your own mind up.

    The thing is not what other people tell you it is, it's what you yourself perceive it to be.

    Welcome to NR. Welcome to bikes. Happy to have you along.

    [edit] You are a tiny little thing! I don't remember the last time I saw a 250 Ninja look that big...
  17. Takamii and kneedragon, it's all a matter of perception.

    It is funny that you both say the bike looks big, as I just said to someone else "the bike is so small it makes me look big!"
  18. You're right it is a bit of a perceptive illusion there! Seeing as you can easily flat foot the Ninja I'd say you're not as tiny as the pic makes you out to be :biker:

    Not that I'm saying that you're big or anything...I mean if you were that would be perfectly fine...but you're not...at least it doesn't look like that in the picture...umm....errr...enjoy the bike?...:bolt:
  19. A ninja rider Welcome to NR fellow Ninja rider
  20. welcome aboard and see you at a Saturday session soon !