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Newbie Ipswich QLD!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Dannylau, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Hey All

    New to forums / riding / everything!
    28 this year and decided to start ticking things off my list starting with getting my motorcycle license.
    Have had NO experience ever before offroad or onroad, did a beginner test and a refresher test and then qride after.

    Was absolutely hectic....rain was pelting down...first time ever on the road in the wet and being assessed. Luckily I kept my composure and thankfully it felt natural once I was off and away.

    Picked up my new toy...2012 Honda CBR250R....originally had a few issues with it when I first road it around the block...was super touchy throttle wise compared to the little CB125E that I learnt on.

    Spent my first decent amount of time on the bike yesterday in a carpark with an experience mate - he set the course around the highschool carpark and I followed and after an hour riding around I felt confident enough to take my first highway trip!

    Was going to head over to Mt Cootha for a casual ride up, unfortunately the weather had other plans so we ended up coming home, but all in all it was probably close to an hour ride on the highway which gave me some good exposure to what to expect...was brilliant!

    Officially now clocked on about 6 hours time on my new bike and am keen for more!
    Did stall twice though on the way back home in normal traffic :( damn lights decided to go green just as I stopped.

    Anyway keen to meet some other new or experienced riders around the Ipswich area that don't mind riding along with a newbie!

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  2. welcome to NR DannylauDannylau . I'm sure some the local riders will pipe up here and offer to go an a ride with you.
  3. Welcome to the forum mate. There are a few of us located at Springfield which go on regular rides. Stay tuned to the forum if you're keen.
  4. Awesome - Not too far away at Springfield.
    Nice highway to get there too. Road is brilliant compared to some others lol
  5. Welcome :cool:
  6. Welcome Danny. You seem to have an inverse affection for highways. Soon I think you'll be scouting out google maps for ways to by-pass them. Few of us here that try to get out for some NR based group rides when we can - noobs are welcome!
  7. welcome aboard :)
  8. Hello. Plenty of nicer roads to the north and south if you want to escape the traffic.