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Newbie in Williamstown

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TheRuss, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys and Gals,

    I joined up a couple of weeks ago, but never posted in here.
    I'm assuming this forum is a handy way to get my post count up early on?! :p

    Since I was very young I ALWAYS wanted to ride, but never got the chance, not even farm bikes or anything! :(
    In 2006 I finally decided to dive in and got my licence - enjoyed the training days so much that I immediately went hunting and picked up my ZZR250.

    There were a couple of (very mild) social rides early on, but I ended up becoming mainly a commuter, riding to work in the city every day.

    Recently my wife has expressed her feelings about my daily riding in peak traffic and we came to a compromise that if I didn't ride during the week, I could finally upgrade so that I could actually get out and enjoy rides on the weekend (without being left for dead). I really enjoy group riding (at least one other rider) more than solo rides too.

    So here I am at 26... just got a K8 GSX-R750 which has TOTALLY renewed my passion - the thrill of the power and stability is incredible!!

    I live in Williamstown and am keen to get out most weekends at least for a couple of hours - weather permitting. I'm going to day-trip on the Gippsland Gyrate 1 this weekend, and will keep an eye on the calendar here, but if there's anyone on this side of town who is interested in getting out when the weekend weather is acceptable, please let me know!


  2. Welcome TheRuss. Enjoy your new weekend freedom on the bigger bike, and the forum. cheers.
  3. Welcome.

    Get yourself to wessider coffee at the groove lounge monday nights. Make some riding friends. :)
  4. Hi and welcome to NR.

    See you at the coffee night.
  5. Hi and congrats on the new bike!
    Enjoy the w/end ride :)
  6. and heres a late welcome to you :)
  7. WELCOME! Now you can ride for the love of it :D
  8. I live Yarraville and in Williamstown a lot. Look out for a white 2010 Kawa ZX6R.
  9. Very BIG and warm welcome to you. Hope you have a blast!!:biker:
  10. Hi, welcome to NR.