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newbie in the house!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by kursed, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. hey guys / girls,
    just wanted to say Hi! I have been reading up on all things 2 wheeled on this site for a few weeks preparing myself for the decision to give up the cage (see, got the lingo down already!) and get on something more fun.

    I have booked my pre L's at St Ives (Sydney btw) for in a few weeks, so lets hope it all goes well!

    I've had a lot of fairly fast cars but I find them pretty $$ to maintain and modify, so I think I will be happy with a bike since you all talk so much about how every ride is usually fun (barr the thundering down with rain rides) where I currently find most of my driving / commuting to be a dull affair.

    So I have sold the Skyline and am now researching sports or naked bikes that will suit me for the period of my L's and P's.

    See you round everyone!

    p.s. I will be looking for L platers to ride with on the north shore of syd in a month or 2 once I (hopefully) have my license!
  2. welcome to NR luke...
  3. welcome luke.....

    i could make obvious jokes about the force being with you, but i won't....someone else will i'm sure...
  4. Skyline eh?

    You will be getting a cbr250rr or a zx2r.

    I'm on my Ps but will ride with you nonetheless :grin: Mccarrs creek :tantrum:
  5. Welcome Luke :grin:

    Plenty to read about here.

    Good luck with the licence test

  6. thanks everyone!

    lol i've been pigeon-holed already!! hahaha. I am looking at GPX250's and VTR250's among others for my learner bikes. I'll wait for a bit more experience before going for a fully faired / expensive bike I think!
  7. Haha, fair enough. I've got the zzr (same engine, just flasher version of the gpx) and very much a fan of vtrs(especially with staintune exhaust :D)
  8. Welcome.

    Yeah get a gpx 250 for your first bike and save your money. In 15 months you can buy a real bike and not a skyline on the road will be able to touch you. :grin:
  9. sounds good to me!!