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Newbie in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by davey boy, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys

    Ive just done my pre-learners course 2 days ago and am doing my driver knowledge test tomorrow morning. Ive got my eye on a Suzuki DRZ400E, which all going well I would like to buy this weekend.

    Looking for advice on accessories warehouses in Sydney where I can go and pick up all the gear - advice on new gear would be good as well. For example, how much do I need to spend on a helmet to get one thats good enough at the minimum price? Do jackets come with armor built in? Are the kevlar jeans good enough or do you need leg armor built in? This is mostly for the city but hopefully once in a blue moon I'll get out on the trails.

    Also, if I like this (second hand) DRZ400 this weekend, how does the transferring rego etc work? Can I legally ride it away after a few signatures?

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to a new hobby!

  2. G'day Dave, welcome. There are a lot of questions there, have a look around the forums you will find heaps of info on all those topics and you can post questions in the appropriate threads.
    Good luck with the bike buying.
  3. Welcome to NR :) To address your queries in order:

    Can't help with Sydney

    You can spend any amount on a helmet basically. Get more features for more. But more $$$ doesn't necessarily equal more safe, so do your research. You can use this UK site to look up specific models and get a general idea of safety ratings http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/

    Motorbike specific jackets will generally have armour included, yes. Pay attention to type and rating of armour if that's important to you, eg. some jackets will come with real back armour, some will come with a foam insert that can be replaced at extra cost with real armour if you choose. Also some may have CE1 rated armour, some may have CE2 (higher rating), some may have their own proprietary versions etc.

    Personally I would say the leg armour is unnecessary for the urban riding it sounds like you'll be doing, but that's really a personal choice. Kevlar (or similar) is a must, but again, different brands and price points will have different levels of safety, so more research for you into the slide times available. Draggins are a popular brand, and I believe the new Holeshots (correct me if I'm wrong on the name there, memory is not so good) have very high safety ratings.

    Again, can't help with NSW rego, sorry

    Mcsenna, normally I'd agree with you saying he should go find some relevant threads, but I was super bored so I answered :p
  4. Thanks Guys - I'm just stoked to be on here and cant wait to get going. I'll go check out the forums and thanks for the advice Gurbachen!
  5. If price is a problem there is still plenty of gear at aldi.

    As gurbachen said dont be fooled into thinking more coin automatically means more safety.

    As a noob I would suggest boots first and foremost with rigid ankle protection. Low speed crashes are common with noobs which don't tend to cause significant injury unless you get your leg caught. Think about a bike falling on a leg and dragging over it a few meters.
  6. Thanks Smileedude! I was imagining #1 priority is a decentish helmet ($300-400) - that will enable me to ride the bike home on the weekend. Boots - yes (hope there are some that are lightweight and can double as normal wear boots). Textile jacket, and probably kevlar pants. I'll see you all on the other side - of the weekend - hopefully with my first ever bike on the road!!
  7. IMO you're better off going for a pair that you can't walk in and are purely for riding. a) boots are expensive and if you spend the day walking around in them you will go through pairs very quickly and b) if they are comfortable to walk in they don't offer great protection.

    The idea of hybrid comfortable gear seems good at first. But after you wear expensive gear out very quickly you will realise the benefit of taking a change of clothes with you and wearing the uncomfortable on bike only stuff.
  8. Oh right. OK thanks for the heads up! Looks like I'll need to fit some panniers to carry all the gear around.
  9. Not a bad idea if you are mainly commuting, I go for the top box. You will get a lot of use out of it when you're riding but it acts as a good storage locker when you're off the bike. Some people say they look ugly, but what do I care I can't see it. Get the biggest you can.
  10. Welcom to Netrider Dave. Once you've bought a bike in NSW, you have 14 days to transfer the rego so just the signautres are fine for riding away. Good idea to do a REVS check as well. If you are buying new from a dealer, they will do it all for you. As for helmet and riding gear, price varies alot and as a general rule, the more you pay, the more comfortable you will be, but this is a huge generalisation. Check out Motorcycle Accessory Supermarket and try on lots of gear and lots of helmets. In NSW, you must have an approved helmet, and be careful because you can check out a helmet at a store like MCAS, then find the identical helmet online like Ebay. But alot of EBAY stuff comes from overseas and won't have the Australian standards sticker, so the helmet will not be legal and your insurance won't cover you, and you could also get booked for not wearing an appropriate helmet.

    Set yourself a price range for your gear, then try a bunch of stuff in that range. Some cheapies can be pretty good, other times you need to pay more to be comfortable. Comfort equates to good fit and good fit leads to better safety.
  11. @davey boy@davey boy Hey mate, if your near Parramatta go to Bike Biz instead of MCAS. They will do a better price and order stuff in just so you can try it on.
  12. New helmets and boots are good ideas but don't ignore second hand jackets/jeans as an option. Lotsa good stuff out there that hasn't been used much.
  13. Howdy

    As stated before - try to pop in at Aldi to see if they have some gear left. They do a yearly bike gear sale and the boot and jeans they had on sale where not badly priced at all for what they offered.