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Newbie in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Zieta, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Hey all,
    a little belated since I've been lurking and done a post already but I figured I should try a little bit of an intro. Got my L's in Jan 11' after I rode pillion on my sisters BF's bike. It was the first time I had been on a bike and after that the bug had bit. On the demand of my sister (who felt bad coz she now thinks she's encouraged me to take up something that will kill me :p) I got a new Honda VTR 250 - don't worry she covered the difference between the new and what I would have paid second hand. To be fair I started pretty slow only 30 minutes or so at a time and sometimes weeks would go by without me touching the bike :(

    However, about a month or two ago I put my foot down and said I wanted to learn and made an effort and enrolled in a couple of rider confidence trainings at HART. After that I invested in some better gear (and along the way found out my helmet was the wrong fit and that there is way more comfortable stuff then what was thrown in with my bike)

    After upgrading all my gear (completed yesterday with a new set of boots) I was blown away at the difference - Instead of feeling cold or uncomfortable and super nervous, everything fit and I didn't have to worry about it and could just focus on riding and it's like something just clicked and now I'm always itching to go out on the bike. In the last few weeks I've gone for a ride at night to find somewhere to practice, gotten home and parked and then decided I haven't had enough and just ride back out again :p This is usually then followed with me waking up at 6am the next morning to squeeze in a quick 30 minute ride before traffic picks up.

    To me the feeling I get on the bike is like nothing else and whenever I feel down or stressed I try to go for a quick ride so I can just focus on riding and trying to practice my basic skills and after things always seem better.

    As I don't really know any riders (other than one friend who is only slightly less noob then me and my sis's bf who lives in tasmania) I'm hoping to get to one of the sydney learner sessions... now if only I can brave my fear of multi-lane, high traffic, 70km/h roads, because I know there are heaps of things I feel unsure about and would love some help with.
  2. Welcome, maybe see you at Homebush.
  3. Welcome

    Your experience with the gear shows how much riding is about confidence, as well as the physical skills involved

    Like other say, get along to Homebush and 'compress' the learning curve (y)
  4. Welcome =D> to NR.....glade to see you enjoying your ride..keep practicing and soon you be good at it. Don't worry too much about the traffic ,ride your own ride and other motorists will give way to you since you are L rider . They are most likely to stay away from you.....i mean in a good way..Ride safe and we'll see you at Homebush...

    Cheers Cam..