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newbie in perth? helmet advice

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by PerthDirtBoy, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. yes another newbie here in Perth, chasing advice on helmets, adventure bike rider thinking arai tour x or Hornet DS, any thoughts adivice or best proces appreciated... cheers :beer:

  2. You're reaching for the top shelf here, PDB ... Shoei and Arai both make excellent helmets.

    The key criteria will be fit and comfort. Some people find Arai fits best, others prefer Shoei. Different helmets suit different head shapes.

    When I bought my first helmet (a full face road helmet), I tried both Arai and Shoei. The Shoei was just not comfortable for me in the way it grabbed my face and the sides of my head. The Arai felt just right. Over time the Arai has become even more comfortable as it conformed to my head shape.

    Try both helmets on if possible and go for the one that fits you best. The last thing you want is a helmet that is ill-fitting or uncomfortable.

    The other factor that is unique to dual sport helmets is aerodynamics. Obviously you want a helmet with the least drag possible, and little or no noise / whistling from the visor. All manfacturers will claim that their visors have excellent aerodynamics and no noise, so search the web for genuine user reviews on these helmets and see what other riders say about them.

    Let us know how you go!