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Newbie in North Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by woodx3, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone! I'm Sammy :)
    I just got my learners in June and I dont have any friends that ride in melb
    so I'd love to find a buddy to ride with on weekends!
    At the moment I really suck, so I have to practice A LOT
    I love that there are loads of useful tips and advice in the forum.
    Looking forward to meeting you guys!

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  2. Welcome to NR and to the fantastic world of motorbikes...

    There are learner sessions held at St kilda so try going there...

    There's also the Mentor thread...have a read of the forums. Plenty of useful (and not so useful) info here..

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  3. Welcome Sammy :cool:
  4. Welcome to the jungle
  5. Howdy woodx3woodx3 and welcome to NR! Cute pooch! :happy:
  6. Howdy doodie woodx3woodx3 ,
    welcome to an expensive life hobby. :) There are plenty of riders where you're from on this forum. Check out the Events section for organised rides and get yourself to the learner practice rides. They're well worth it and there's always plenty of other noobs to meet and share a ride / skills. You won't be dissapointed :)
  7. Welcome aboard Sammy :)

    As Lazy LibranLazy Libran said check out the Saturday practice and mentor threads.
  8. Hi and welcome Sammy. Jump on your Ninja and head on down to HERE and say gidday. Hope to see you on a ride some time(y)
  9. Will do! Theres a lot of information to go through though :p
  10. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome ! :)
    I got my learners last month but have had trouble finding the right bike with limited budget
    I just paid deposit for a ninja 250R and will be practicing the basics as soon as I get my bike
    I will definitely join one of the ride sessions once I am confident to ride in the traffic!
    Feeling a bit scared to get on the road though! Hope all will be fine :p
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  11. When will you be getting your bike woodx3woodx3? Have a googly look around your area for some nice quiet car parks close by that you can practice in. I know there's not too many out your way, but have a good hard look on google and plan your route to a quiet area outside of peak hour.
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  12. Welcome to the forum, you will be OK. Small steps that you feel comfortable with, up and down your street if you live on a quiet suburban street, Around the block at a quiet time of day, local car parks when they are unused. Before you know it you will be carving up the twisties like a champion. (y)

    Post in the below thread if you want a mentor there may be someone in your area.

    Mentors/Tutors to help newer riders
  13. There arent many carparks in my area, but i will probably practice in quiet streets:) thanks!
  14. Hey Sammy welcome to the world of riding from another new rider!
    So glad I got into it, best thing I've ever done
    What bike have you got?
  15. Hi Lachy! Im getting a ninja 250R, nervous but at the same time so excited!
  16. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. I think the 250 Ninja is a great learner bike.
  17. Welcome to the forum
  18. gday woodx3woodx3 and welcome to NR!
  19. Welcome woodx3woodx3
    Enjoy. Hope to see you out there one day.

    BTW, nice pic.