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Newbie in Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MitchnZara, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Greetings all!

    Got my R Learners licence in August - Picked up a 1994 ZZR 250 and have been having an absolute blast with it. Looking forward to the 'study' for the MOST test in a month and a half.

    Bike has been running a bit funny lately but I'll save that thread for the help section :)

  2. Hi From Port Stephens. I know where you are coming from with your enjoyment. I have been riding for years and still love to ride, just don't get the opportunity as much these days. I'm sure you will get some good help and advice here (some not so good too).
  3. A mate and I (We did the pre-learners together) have been doing short trips whenever we can. Haven't made it all the way to Nelson Bay yet but it's on the cards! Nice part of the world you're in.
  4. Welcome to the asylum(y)
  5. Welcome! Riding in Newcastle can be an adventure, especially with all our traffic lights half way around a corner.

    Do you have a favourite road or ride in Newcastle? Have you ridden the foreshore road very early on a Monday morning yet?
  6. I've done the foreshore so many times I can't recall a monday morning or not :) I'm out at Fletcher so the main road I get to ride (yay!, not) is Newcastle Road and gosh there are some shockers along there
  7. if you get a chance, head to Belmont, via Newcastle, Charlestown and Bennets Greed, avoid the charlestown bypass at all costs (it's so BORING). Even though the speed limit has dropped from 80 to 70 to charlestown its still a nice ride, nice sweeping curves uphill into charlie and then some nice tighter sweeping curves down hill to Bennets Green.
  8. Haven't done that one yet - Been down around the lake a couple of times but not via that route. Sounds good :) Once my bike is back on the road I'll give it a shot
  9. despite all the traffic lights mid corner (*seriously*, what is with that??) we're pretty luck to have some nice roads just around the corner no matter where you are. Even if they are only 60-80km/h
  10. EDIT: Fail.
  11. Welcome, We need some more Newcastle Members :)

    And Another ZZR250 Rider