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Newbie in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Coldstream, May 6, 2014.

  1. G'day Netriders!

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to the community.

    My name is James and I've done a bit of browsing in the lead up to finally getting my L's and buying a bike and the information on these forums was invaluable.

    Looking to try to get to as many of the sessions that a run down in Elwood as my time permits so will be good to meet some Melbournians!

    I've bought myself a little Ninja 250 SE as a cheap little bike to get started on and i'm pretty happy with it overall! Lots to learn and chances are, many stupid questions to ask!
  2. Oh my gosh what is it with you brave Victorians learning at the start of winter! I live in the Sunshine State and I'm freezing on the bike at the moment, no way could I learn in Vic in winter :) Welcome aboard anyway!
  3. Welcome coldstream!

    I ride to work everyday, rain or shine, sizzling 40s or freezing sub zero. Not as brave as those across the Bass Strait though.
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  4. Welcome to Nutrider!

    Everyone is trying to get onto P's before the new graduated licencing system comes into effect. ;)
  5. Welcome James.
    Are you at Coldstream or is there another link there ?
  6. Thanks guys - nah its a nickname thats stuck based on my surname. Actually didnt know about the upcoming changes to the L's scheme in the lead up, I've just been meaning to get off my a$$ and get a licence for a few years now.

    And in reference to the weather - I am also a keen cyclist so not overly concerned with the weather/cold etc!
  7. G'day Coldie! Haha
  8. Welcome aboard :]
  9. Welcome to the Nuthouse!