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Newbie in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cameronp, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. G'day folks,

    I'm Cameron, a complete newcomer to this motorcycling lark. I just got my L plates on the weekend and even just riding slowly around the training track was a real thrill. Now I'm chomping at the bit to get my first bike and getting a bit of riding experience on the road.

    I'm also a bit of a newcomer to Melbourne - grew up in Perth and moved here about a month ago to do a postgrad course at Melbourne Uni. I've been meaning to get a motorbike licence for years but a new start in a new city - and no longer owning a car - finally inspired me to try a new form of transport. :grin:
  2. Hello, I was new too about a month ago. Same as you, did my learners then wanted to get a bike as soon as I could. Check out the learners section of these forums, come to learners practice on Saturday mornings at Elwood. See if your local library has Two Wheels magazine, last year they had a series of articles aimed at learners, including a bunch of bike reviews and commentary.
  3. Welcome to the gang. I just moved here myself just shy of two months ago and got my learners and first bike. It is awesome to say the least. The newbie forums are an outstanding resource as is many of the members on the forums and in person.
  4. Welcome to NR Cameron.
    Yeah, get down to Saturday Practice.
    Even if you don't have your bike as yet, you can still drop by & see what goes on & introduce yourself :D
  5. Welcome to NR Cameronp.

    ^^Wot he said. Get your bum down to Saturday practice. Lots of great NRs, lots of bikes to look at; LAMS and unrestricted. Can ask heaps of questions about bikes and riding and get to know a great group of people. We aren't all learners, but we all get something out of the session.

    ...and for a bit of a plug - if you're interested in VTRs, mine will be up for sale shortly. :D
  6. welcome Cameron, BRING CAKE!!
    oh yeah, and get down to prac sessions too!!! :)
  7. Welcome to Melbourne, to NetRider and to the fascinating world of Motorcycling!

    Check out the Saturday Learners Sessions thread and make your way there (As mentioned above) even if you dont have a bike yet.
  8. Going to have some trouble remembering your name Cam.
    Slow coach is Cam
    I'm Cam and you're Cam

    Welcome Cam,

  9. If this keeps up, there'll be as many Cams as Daves.
  10. Cam Chain
    Cam Shaft
    Cam Follower
    Cam Lobe

    no problem ;-)
  11. Hi and welcome Cameron. Happy hunting for your first bike, lots of great roads to check out over here.
  12. All this talk of Saturday morning sessions, and I still haven't been to one, yup nudda, been hanging around this mob for 6yrsish and yeh sad really..........plus I work most Saturdays anyway (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it)
  13. Shit and I always forget the
    Hi and welcome to the Nuthouse.....um sorry I mean Netrider!
  14. Welcome Cam, I'm new too, but theres no rush :)
  15. Hi Cameron, welcome to NR
  16. Hi Cameron and welcome.

    +1 for Saturday Practice.
  17. There's so many new people showing up at practice, we're all gonna have to start wearing name tags. Stuffed if I know who everyone is.
  18. Welcome Cam enjoy the ride:biker:.
  19. Rightio, I'm seeing a pattern here... See you guys on Saturday!
  20. Before you leave, make sure you check the thread to ensure it hasn't been cancelled due to bad weather. Hawklord will post an update sometime btw 7.30 and 8.15 (ish) after he checks the radar and makes a decision.

    Also, don't forget the brekkie at Dr Jekyls if you're interested - there's a thread for that too somewhere...