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newbie in melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by pcman, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. just got a bike for myself a yamaha xv 535
    curently getting it up to rwc to transfer the rego into my name

    doing my learners on the 26th

    cant wait to be able to take it for a real ride around the block just aint gonna cut it LOL

  2. welcome to NR
    i can't wait to get a bike, had a few test rides but looking forward to a good day of juice guzzling

    good luck with the RWC
  3. Welcome to netrider, where you doing your learners?
  4. Welcome to NR!!!

    Good Luck with the learner's test.
  5. Oh nice :D

    Goodluck with the learners!! Welcome, I'm a newbie too :p
  6. Welcome PCman

    Make sure you come to a coffee night!

  7. Welcome PCMAN

    I grew up in the SE suburbs of Melb but now live in the Blue Mountains, so if you're ever up this way drop me a line
  8. You bought an XV535 and you are going for your learners :?

    Anyway, welcome to NR.. :grin:
  9. lol that's what i thought
    and then i thought well.. it IS the afternoon i'm probably reading it wrong
  10. umm .. yr riding a xv535 on yr learners?? did I miss something???

    And did ya pass???
  11. yep passed my learners and have done around 600kays on the bike sofar
    got it rwc easily just had to replace a shock mount and fit a reflector to it so i was happy wbout that

    and yep i realise im a bad person for buying a bike thats learner legal in every state except the crappy revenue raising one i live in