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Newbie in Melb; returning after 20 years

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Matthew Waite, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Hi Comrades,
    After 20 years (single-parenthood) absence from riding, at 49 I'm getting back in the game. I haven't bought a bike yet, I'm still shopping, getting familiar with developments over the last 20 years.
    I used to love having a country ride on my trusty Z750, and thoroughly enjoyed club racing on my elegant Yamaha super-mono (alas, the racing leathers don't fit anymore! It must have shrunk...).
    Is there an IOS App for Netrider?
    I use Tapatalk for keeping abreast of some other forums i frequent (some sailing forums and some writer's forums) but various updates and 'improvements' are making it less and less user friendly, for me anyway. And although Tapatalk was able to locate Netrider, after logging in it told me that the forum wasn't available.
    So I'm ready to find a Tapatalk replacement, if anyone has any recommendations.
    Sth Yarra, Vic.

  2. Welcome back to riding. Hopefully you get the bike and the gear sorted out soon. Remember there are some good Helmet sales going on at Peter Stevens so have a look there.

    If you just browse to NetRider via Safari, it should automatically adjust into mobile mode so need for Taptalk.

    I've got an Android so use Chrome and Firefox.
  3. Twenty years seems to be the obligatory to stay away, and then come back!
    Yes, as LL notes, just browse for Netrider and the software will sense what sort of device you're using and respond accordingly
  4. Welcome Matt, I'm a beginner in Mentone, will be picking up my my new bike this week I bloody hope!

    Don't pick a Yammy MT-07, far too many of us are getting them and I don't want any more on the road! :)
  5. Welcome mate, enjoy the ride and take a bit of time to get back into the groove. Plenty of rides to join up if you prefer riding with company as well. And have fun test riding everything lol...thought the Z750 is still around for pretty good value.
  6. G'day and welcome, MattMatt. That's good you've got the opportunity to return to motorcycling - have you shortlisted any particular models?
  7. On this note - what bikes have you shortlisted?

    AND - try to come around to the Saturday Practice sessions one of these days. Yes, you can come around on the car as well and say hello! :D
  8. [​IMG]

    Not sure if asking me or MattMatt...this might be a test to see (a) how narcissistic I am and or, (b) whether I'm prepared to ride nine hundred kilometres to Saturday morning practice at Elwood...
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  9. OOps..Sorry!

    I was asking the OP.

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  10. welcome aboard :]
  11. Haha, so now we learn how to ride on our cars eh?! Wishful thinking!
  12. Hey Matt, welcome to the forums and back into riding. Good luck with choosing your next bike, exciting times ahead :)
  13. Howdy and welcome to NR Matthew WaiteMatthew Waite . And back to riding again. Happy riding on what ever bike you choose.
  14. Thanks so much for the warm welcome.
    I realise that any web browser will figure out what device I'm on, and the site will change accordingly. There are a few discussion fora i visit that work that way, and they're way less user friendly than the dedicated forum apps.
    Re the short-list of bikes, i do favour the large capacity sportier bikes. I always liked the head-down-bum-up riding position, and aesthetically I'm a massive cafe racer fan.
    Older GSXRs, recent naked big bikes (like the current Zs) and Yamaha has a great range of semi-sporty bikes.
    Dunno, i might even go for a Triumph Speed Triple 1050 - who knows?
    There's an 2001 R1 on BikeSales at the moment that has been stripped down, streetfighter style, that tickles my fancy. Though it would need the Yammy clip-ons put back on...
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  15. Hi Matt.
    Welcome aboard. Nice to see another returning rider of similar vintage and girth - my leathers had shrunk too, along with my hairline. Will be interested in what you end up getting.
  16. Welcome. I also gave away the bikes for about twenty years but am so glad I picked it up again. Good choice.
  17. welcome aboard Matt, once back on two wheels it'll feel like you never left
  18. Howdy & Welcome to NR!