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Newbie in Maroubra

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Artupic, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Hi there!

    New rider here, just got my bike (CBR300R) this month. For now I'm only using it to go to work (Maroubra-Bondi Junction route), slowly gaining my confidence. I'm still a bit slow on turning, and balancing on slow speed.

    I see that there're learner events in Homebush but I'm still not confident in riding that far yet.

    Wondering if there are any riders in the eastern suburbs area that can give me suggestions to:
    - Nearby mechanics? I'm thinking to put in oggy knobs on my bike, or maybe someone can help me with this as well.
    - Locations to practice?
    - If there are any riders willing to mentor a newbie for the price of a coffee :) maybe showing me the ropes on how to maintain a bike? I still need to figure out how to clean the chains.

    I've about clocked in 200kms, total beginner. Any help would be appreciated!!
  2. Welcome!

    Quick pointer, don't worry too much about cleaning the chain. Over cleaning, and especially aggressive cleaning, it will shorten it's lifespan significantly. Just keep it lubricated and wipe built up gunk off it with some scrap rag once in a while (with the motor OFF, you want to turn the wheel by hand only) and you'll be fine.
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  3. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Wise words, Dark Angel speaks! Welcome to Netrider, and to the (initially-scary) roads on two wheels.
  5. Ohhhhhh you took my advice !!! HAIIIIIII ^_^
  6. Sure did!!
  7. welcome and enjoy the riding
  8. Hi Tweet! Saw you've put your name up as a mentor, I'm interested to have one if you're up for it.

    Couldn't quite get a fear of carpark out of my head yet, especially turning at the bottom of the ramp.
  9. Welcome ArtupicArtupic, and hello from Zetland.

    I'm afraid I can't help you with your questions - I get my bike serviced out west and as an old fart I haven't had use for a practice carpark in a long time. That said, happy to help with any maintenance stuff should the need arise (as is everyone here, as you'll no doubt discover).
  10. Welcome to the dark side ArtupicArtupic (y)

    Heffron park (off Fitzgerald St) has a flat outdoor car park which is typically pretty quiet in the evening and would be a great little area to practice some slow riding skills. Definitely the first place I would've gone if i still lived around there.

    Good on you for wanting to learn how to look after your new pride and joy also. Plenty of people would be happy to give advice at the learner sessions or if they live nearby, or you could also hop onto youtube and check out some videos. This would be a good place to start.
  11. Yeah I've thought about Heffron Park, but it looks like a part of it is under construction :( And I'm still finding the nerve to go there to practice by myself.

    I guess for now I'll practice getting in and out of the carpark more smoothly, especially that bit at the bottom of the ramp with a sharp turn
  12. I haven't been around that way in a little while now, didn't know about any upgrades to the car park. Botany has some quiet industrial streets, but next best place I reckon would be around Rosebery. 40km/h, really wide streets, quiet outside of peak hours. I also found main roads outside of peak hour are less stressful early on than lots of quiet side streets too (straights, don't need to stop often, etc) - Gardeners Road shouldn't be any worse than the trip to work at Bondi, and no hills!

    Best bit of advice I could give with hills like driveways and carparks is never to stop until you've eyed where you want to put your foot down and never while the handlebars are turned or leaning. Try and hit driveways pretty perpendicular too, prevents accidental turning from stiff arms. Steep driveways have been a cause for undoing more than once :banghead:

    As always, practice makes perfect. Happy riding!
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  13. You could try going around the industrial areas after peak hour in Matraville to practice the slow stuff. For a 'longer' trip you could also go to La Perouse along Anzac Pde or Bunnerong Rd... and there'd be no need for a U-turn because you can just go around the loop =D
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  14. Maroubra here as well. I don't drink coffee because it's for gender confused hipsters, but I'll give you some pointers for the price of a beer.

    The heffron park carpark/netball courts are closed but the carpark at the boat ramp at malabar is usually pretty empty, there are two multi-stories on millenium circuit that are practically empty in the evening. The carpark in Mitre 10 on Beauchamp is an option, as is the top level of eastgardens. There is the new boat ramp on foreshore and the industrial complex on Hale St has heaps of open room around it. Next to where the southern cross drive flyover starts on Ross Smith Ave, there was a motorcycle course set up. I haven't seen anyone use it for years but that doesn't mean it won't still be there.

    As for mechanics, SMW closed a year ago, and while I can't vouch for the quality of the mechanics, I do know (kinda) the apprentice at the bike shop on Allison. Last time I looked, they actually had some motorcycles outside it rather than only scooters. Other than that there's two in arncliffe on the hwy. KTM northbound and some other mob southbound. I believeTracey is the name of the gal running spares at KTM, used to be at trooperlu and she is the best spares person in Sydney, no exaggeration. But she's not a mechanic and you don't have a KTM so use that information however you will.
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  15. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  16. welcome aboard :]
  17. Welcome to the forum!

    If you post up on the Sydney Learners thread you might get someone that will 'Shepard' you in to the learners session on a Saturday. Best place with the friendliest advice. Just bring your own coffee!
  18. welcome ArtupicArtupic ! I have the same bike, but the SE didn't come out until after I got mine... when I saw it I nearly died, it's gorgeous.... but anyways that's just a long way of saying I love your bike :D
  19. Hey mate.
    Welcome to the forum.
    I got a bunch of info from here before buying and in my first 1000km so you definitely have a good resource.

    I also wanted to complement the bike, i have a cbr500r, but was veeeeery tempted by the 300 SE, I love the color scheme.

    Good on you for wanting to practice. I unfortunately have a broken wrist so my bike is sitting unused with only 1500km on it, but if I could be I would be out practicing like you.