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Newbie in Latrobe Valley .

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jaso1, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hi all .

    Just found this awesome site a few days ago and loving it !

    Going for my L's 2moro , been riding dirt bikes from age 14 to 26 and then got out of it . Never got around to getting my L's although had always planed to .
    So now it's 9 odd years later and I'll be getting my first road bike next week, I'm keen as to get out and ride and learn all the new skills that go with it .

    I have a mentor rider at work that has already helped me heaps with info and even let me have a practice ride of his sons 250 at our work car park to work on the slow speed skills and techniques .
    I must say I have what I would call a little more than a healthy fear of traffic and cars after being a driver on the road for around 17 years and seeing how dumb people can be .

    Anyway wish me luck and thanks for having such a great site for all bike enthusists to enjoy and learn .

  2. Good luck with the L's you should be Ok having ridden before. Where most people fail is they get wound up and stressed over it and even though they have the skills they can't demonstrate them on the day. Some great twisty roads down your way so I am sure you will have fun. Welcome.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement , I hope to be soon cruising around and going for a spin in the hills etc .
  4. Welcome in Jason, good to see your switched on, dont forget to ATGATT :)
  5. I odered a new Jacket, Helmet, Gloves and some draggin jeans yesterday and they will definitely always be worn , (ATGATT) .
    Probably pick up some proper boots a little bit down the track but for starters probably just get some leather lace up work/army type boots for some protection .
  6. A healthy fear of road traffic is a good fear to have and it will sharpen your defensive riding skills. Good luck on your L's tomorrow and can I ask what type of nike you are looking at purchasing?
  7. Always been a valley boy...??? I grew up down there, Morewell - definitely some excellent riding down that way...
  8. I"m getting a new CB400 , they seem like a good bike to learn on . Always had a sweet spot for Honda's and they have served me well in the past in non road forms .

    I'm in Traralgon and born here . Seems like a good area for all forms of motor bike riding . The area has served me very well for dirtbike riding , little bit of club MX here and there as well as lots of bush riding .
  9. Don't put that particular purchase off if you can help it. I nearly had an off last year, back wheel lost grip then regained it. Nearly threw me off the bike. My foot slammed down onto the road. It hurt somewhat.

    That night I checked my foot. Sore but my big toe was swollen and black.

    I was wearing Steel Blue lace up safety boots, which did little to protect my foot.

    Oh, I live in T'gon as well. A few regulars here live down this way.

    Good luck with the learner's test.
  10. Thanks for the advice I might look at some boots then too .

    I got my L's today . Can't wait to get out on the bike .
  11. Congrats. Just remember the adage - that they're all out to get you. Hopefully they'll fail. Have fun.

    As for the gear, Glenn Middlemiss will steer you straight.
  12. Hi and welcome to NR. Congrats on the L's.

    Have fun riding and stay safe.
  13. good work with the L's mate, i'm in sale so just down the highway.

    and yes, they are all out to get you.
  14. Thanks guys .
    I'm going to do my best to grab some boots asap , maybe 2moro .
    I'm hoping the riding gear I ordered at the bike shop has come in when I go in there 2moro too.
    I spoke to a mate today that has been riding for I'm guessing 20 years and he pretty much said the same thing as everyone else , trust no car , truck etc and work on them all being out to get you .

    Question , Would you guys suggest just start riding to work in the mornings or maybe drive my car in the am , go home for lunch as per usual and just ride back to work in the arvo and back home for starters ?
    Main reason I ask is I figured this - 1. I would be more awake at lunchtime and have my wits about me a bit better , 2. the road is less likely to have some dew/ moisture on it etc in the afternoon and take one element out of the equation ?
    Am I being paranoid OR have I answered my own question with point number one ?

    God that sounded stupid . Maybe I'm just tired .
  15. I reckon the best practice would be to do the following loop. Tyers up to Rawson, down through Erica, through Yallourn Nth, Tyers back into Traralgon. This will throw a bit of everything at you. Always happy to go along with you for the ride if you want company.
  16. G'day Jason, congrats on the L's, good luck with it all.

    cheers George.

    Ree G'day, don't tell everybody about my favourite loop.
  17. I went to the bike shop today and my bike should be registered and ready to go tomorow arvo after work .
    I picked out a pair of boots , they were a little more than I allocated to spend but were more comfortable than the bit cheaper ones so I figured that was more important .
    Still waiting on my jacket and helmet to come in but have a loaner of both till mine arrive to get my bike home and have a little spin around .

    That loop sounds good and my mate from work suggested similar to get the feel for the new bike and controls etc before tackling around town too much .
    He said we should go tomorow after work but I fear we will be stuck in the trenches doing overtime once again !
    Oh well, got to pay for my new 400 some how .


  18. Where did you buy it?
  19. Traralgon Motorcycles