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Newbie in Hobart.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Rayn, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Hi guys,

    Have been sitting in the back ground reading these forums for the last few weeks and thought it was time to say G'day.

    Am 22, living in Far North Hobart (loves it!). Moved from Sydney about 5 years ago for work and to prospect in real estate (bloody Mainlanders!).

    Dont have a bike as yet but am planning on buying (almost there) a Hyo GT250R. Have read both positive and negative posts about the bike and think anything bad/troublesome is only to be learned from. The glass is half full.

    Hope to be doing the dash board bobble-head thing other riders real soon! Oh, and I'll get to Joes one day too!

    Booked for learner course 26/05/07.


  2. my god another one... quick jim we have to get back down to tas there is a CREW forming!!!!!

    oh sorry Mate dont mind ^ that it justa running joke between me and another netrider (Iffracem) we both moved from hobart recently..


    1st thing you need to do before you learners is go visit smack, twingirl, techno, DonDock, Fiery, darklightBoy and any more who have joined at home sweet home JOES!!!! I love that bar... :cry: AND TALK BIKES!


    Then come back so much beer I mean sober and TALK bikes some more!!

    3 simple rules for this site:
    1: ASK
    2: WHINGE

    4th is optional dont feed the trolls :wink:
  3. Awsome! First reply to post!

    Thanks ward_4e!
  4. Welcome. We need a some Rayn. :LOL:
  5. Ok..I'll Bite.


    Welcome, and if you need anything, just ask one of us lot down here to help.

  6. Welcome Rayn!

    Good luck with your upcoming course, will be good to see another face out on the road :grin: (...well, hopefully not ON the road...)
  7. Far North Hobart - what's wrong with Lenah Valley, New Town or Moonah :wink:
  8. Welcome Rayn!!

    There's a real good group down in Tas, excellent people, the best :cool:

    Joe's is the place of choice to meet, when you go, give TG a big slap on the bum from me :wink: (then RUN!!!)

    Zac, the reason it's growing now is cos we reduced the overall weight by leaving. if we went back we'd exceed the maximum bike group weight limit and the numbers would be reduced by natural selection.

    Qld has a greater mass, so moire fat b@stards can join bike groups.

  9. Hi and welcome :grin:
  10. yeah after yo have paid yuor health / life insurance... i remember fondly slapping that arse. I dont remember the next couple of days tho :LOL:

    aaaahhhh now i realise damn it. Oh well :wink:

    Ok newbie have you been to joes yet?

    edit: fixed for the benifit of smack :wink:
  11. It's ARSE you idiot.

    Welcome, FNH? That'd be boganville, or boganwater?
  12. Slap at thy peril boys...... :twisted: :LOL:

    This newbie might actually have some manners..unlike the rest of you lot! :p
  13. yes i have manners but you inspire the naughty ones! :p
  14. That'd be Bogainville, Smack. Actually a step up in the world from where I used to live in Syd! Haven't been shot at once!

    Don't worry TG, I value my life....though I'm sure, from what I've read, it's a fine ass! :p

    Haven't made it to Joes yet, am working on it though, ward_4e.

    Q - Anyone know of the best spot (as far as product range) for Alpinestars gear in Hobart? Or is it worthwhile importing.

    Q2 - Would I look like a right poser going all out on the gear (Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, Pants, Boots etc)? I figure I either spend my money on a bike & gear or piss it into the breeze...and then maaaybe the mortgage/s.
  15. Well if you come off - which most people do at least once at some stage - your gear's going to be the only thing looking after you. So don't cheap it. I ended up spending nearly twice what I planned to on my riding gear, but it didn't worry me cause it's there for a good reason.


    This thread in the "New Riders and Riding Tips" forum gives you a bit of an idea what you'll be looking at budget wise. It's worth a look.
  16. I read that one but was more concerned about lookin like a right Toss turning up in a full kit...N'er mind.
  17. Hi and welcome. Rides are fewer this time of year due to the weather and all but we still manage to get together somehow. If your looking for a bike don't forget the new LAMS laws open up your choice.

    Ebay can be good for gear. Bought some of my A* gear there. Buy what you can afford.


  18. Manners???

    What would Miss Adventure do with a person with manners?

    Slap those manners out of em, that's what!