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Newbie in Canberra

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by powerd, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone

    I am finally back on a bike after 12 years away. Last rode a Kawasaki 1000GTR, toured rather than round town. Usual story for absence - kids, work etc so bike sat in shed then got sold.

    Bit more time now (see below too) so a few weeks ago I picked up a CBR600F3 for a v good price on ebay. Is in great condition, much money spent and has a rack and top-box.

    The first day i got it, I thought my helmet would split, my smile was so wide. Couldn't get off it for four hours. Just rode and rode, quiet streets, industrial suburbs, getting the feel of a bike again, then finally out on real roads for a little (slow) fun. "Leaning into corners, oh how I have missed you so much!"

    I am now planning a trip to Europe in May and for eight days I will be renting a bike in Milan and heading around the Lake Como region, visiting Moto Guzzi and then, possibly down to Modena for Ferrari and Ducati. Woohoo!

    Anyone been to that area and care to share some tips?

    So I am really back into bikes seriously and looking forward to joining Netriders on a ride or three. I went along to the Canberra coffee gathering a few weeks ago, and met many friendly people. I will go more regularly now.

    See you on the road soemwhere


  2. Welcome. There's nothing wrong with riding in Canberra, I did it for over 20 years. Check in with Rick Miller at RAM Motorcycle Engineering if you haven't found someone to do your servicing yet. He's the best.
  3. Rick MIller best in Canberra -- yep have heard the same thing from many people

    Try suspension smith out back of Joes Motorcycles for suspension needs, $50 ( I think ) and he will set the bike up for your weight etc etc
  4. Thanks for the recommendations guys. The bike will just need an oil and filter change soon, which I will do myself. Last owner had a very big service done last year incl chain, sprockets, head bearings, carbs, valve clearances etc. I rember both of those when it needs more work. Suspension could do with setting up, possibly new rear shock.
    I have much better gear this time round, so maybe winter won't be too bad. I rember riding to work when it was -6 degree. I was young, stupid and ran on beer and sex then!
  5. A visit to the Suspension Smith is definitely worth it. His done great work on two of my bikes.
  6. welcome in mate, as u can see, plenty of info here :)
  7. Hello everyone, where exactly can i find RAM Motorcycle Engineering in canberra? Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. 6288 5229

    Rick's work hours are 9-6. Give him a call.
  9. Welcome :).

    -6 degrees mornings riding to Calvary Hospital for work in 1980, how well I remember :LOL:.
  10. my mrs was in canberra on the weekend for some art exhibition, she thought it was going to snow it was that cold
  11. she ain't seen nothing yet :LOL:
  12. you mean the weekend just gone - when it was 18deg and really sunny ??

    Yep, I can see plenty of snow happening on a weekend like that.....
  13. she stayed over night so im guessing either at night or early morning, and the THOUGHT comment was just an expression
  14. Hi all

    Thanks for the welcome. Will get my suspension checked out at Suspension Smith. Have tried to adjust my spring preload but can't get decent access because the swingarm is in the way - stops the spanner turning. The wheel needs to be off the ground so that the arm drops down. Oh how I jate modern bikes without centrestands. How do you remove the wheel?

    As for the cold, I have started several lively conversations in London pubs by telling the locals they don't know what cold is - Canberra has much lower minimum temps than London which rarely gets below -1. OK, so it might be bloody cold and miserable during the day there and only get to +1. People just can't believe that the country of Summer Bay and Uluru has cold bits.

    But last weekend, cold? Not a bit! Goz, I think she was just missing cuddling up to you and stealing the quilt!

    And what great riding weather we are having now. Makes you glad to be on two wheels.

  15. I love canberra winter. Finally you can ATGATT in cool comfort.

    Though you have to be careful about breathing downwards. Nothing like breathing a sigh at the wrong time and having your visor fog up completely and left without vision for a few seconds :LOL:
  16. After losing the parking spot I had "acquired" at work I'm back riding to work. just in time for Canberra's winter. At least I'll be prepared, have a set of oxford hot grips to fit up.

    Please forgive me though, only riding a gpx250.... although as a pure commuter bike I have no complaints, except a tad small for my bulk...lol
  17. Powerd - modern sports bikes need modern race stands for normal maintenance - you may need to fit some swingarm bobbins so you can use a race stand. Its the only way to do maintenance yourself. I would not recommend just cranking up the preload without talking to Laurie first - this is the first mistake most punters make when they play with their suspension ( instead of 'tuning' it.)

    And you hit the nail on the head about the weather here last weekend - it was very nice !

    One of the greatest misconceptions about Canberra weather - is that it is a cold and miserable place all year round....

    The summer daytime temps are generally hotter than Darwin or Brisbane, for most of the summer season ! Darwin rarely hits more than 33deg during summer, and here it can sit on 37 or 38 for days at a time.....

    If you want cold nights - try living in Glen Innes. That place is far colder at night during winter than Canberra, for the most part.

    Last weekend's minimum nightime temp was about 11 degrees. But I guess Queenslanders often hit this place in the middle of autumn when its 22deg and *freezing* according to them ! So they walk around wearing jumpers....

    I have lived here since 1971, and in 40 years, I can count the number of times it has snowed on 2 hands.......

  18. Listen to Gosling he is the Man here in Canberra and knoweth what he speaks
  19. Tis true. One of them was the 3rd October 1987!

    GI is cold, Guyra is colder. It regularly snows there!
  20. Hi all

    Yes, I agree with you Gosling1. Canberra can be a pretty pleasant climate and I love the warm summers.I would prefer it to be warmer in winter, but at least it is sunny all year round rather than miserable and wet in winter, such as Melbourne (Mexicans, please don't flame me, I like your city!).

    And we are quite happy that all you other buggers don't recognise Canberra's attractions, and don't come to live here, otherwise it would be just another crowded, tiring place to live.

    As for suspension settings, I was trying to restore it to Honda's factory recommended setting
    The pre-load is on 1 (of 7), recommended is 3 and it bottoms regulalry with just me on it - not good. I want to get the feel of the bike first and then see what needs doing, if anything. I will probably be trading this bike in about 4mths, as I bought it cheaply just to get experience agin prior to a ride around Italy. I'll get a tourer after I get back.