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newbie in adelaide...what mods for a 50cc???

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by bassplayer, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. hey guys. ive been looking around for a while at scooters and after learning it will cost me $600 all up to get my full bike licence, im thinking about getting a 50cc.

    theres only 2 i like really....the vespa et2 or lx50 and the bolwell retro. im looking around for 2nd hand ones at the moment.

    ive read about people modifying various things on their jolies and other scoots and was wondering are there any mods you can do to either the vespa et2 or the bolwell retro to get it accelerating a little better? i know theyre not race bikes tho :p

  2. you can derestrict the final drive of the LX, but it will be technically illegal to ride on a car license.
    replacing the stock pipe with a chamber would help acceleration and power, but you'd need to rejet the carb to suit.

    Or you could check out my mate's Aprillia with all the mods done already for the same money!!!
  3. thanks mate.
    i bought a 2003 vespa et2 50cc today. it already has a malossi clutch with different rollers and a ginanelli sports exhaust. acceleration is good and it would be quite easy to get a speeding ticket! its definately not restricted :) even goes up steep hills well.
    im stoked.
  4. awesome mate. another scooter in Adelaide. Hope to see you out with us on a ride soon. We ride every Friday night and we also ride on every 3rd Sunday of the month. That's this sunday!!

  5. cool anthony i'll try and make it along sometime. im often playing friday nights and sundays tho....
    i'll bring the gf too. she rides a yellow milan.

    ride safe.
  6. I've heard that City Skootz on Gilbert St is supposed to be a very good place to get scooters tuned/modded in Adelaide.

    Once my Hyosung Rally SF100 is out of warranty, I might have to pay them a visit ... :D
  7. yeh ive heard good things about city skootz too. but he's so busy, told me it was a 6 week wait to fit a tyre. pffft. i would do it myself after viewing the detailed video on youtube, but i want something else on the scooter looked at so im taking it to show & go in the morning to get the new tyre fitted.
    my vespa et2 comfortably cruises at 75km/h. its got a malossi clutch with different rollers and a ginanelli exhaust.
    ive only had it 5 days. and i still have a grin on my face when i ride it :grin:
  8. I usually go to GC Motorcycles on South Rd for my tyres. They're pretty good, even if they did take the piss out of my Spacy. :grin:

    Sounds like your ET2 is quite a beast, congrats and welcome to the wonderful world of scootering!