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Newbie, howdy - dropping or coming off on learners??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by FZR, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. Hey, have bought the bike and doing the course in December, just wondering how many of you have come off your bike while learning, and what should I avoid, i.e tank slappers etc. I have a 91 FZR250, am about 178cm's tall and 100 KG's...

  2. Welcome to Netrider :)

    I came off while still on L plates (only recently got off them actually). What got me was probably a combination of overconfidence (I'd gone on a few group rides and learnt a lot, but obviously not as much as I thought I had), and stuff on the road mid-corner; gravel/moss/oil/water/dunno what...

    What ultimately probably brought me down was that I locked the back brake, panicked and forgot to keep it applied until I'd straightened the bike, so the rear wheel spun up suddenly and highsided me. This was travelling about 50km/h around a fairly tight left hander in a hilly area. Damage to me = twisted ankle that had me limping slightly for 3-4 weeks, and some stiff joints for a few days.
  3. Gday FZR welcome to the site and happy riding on ya Yammy or as Valantino says "YAMARKAR"

  4. Welcome to the Forums FZR:)

    I came off when I was practicing my emergency braking / trying to lift back wheel off the ground

    so best advice is take it easy and enjoy riding for as long as you can and not be stoopid like me...

    good night i need my beauty sleep
  5. To long ago for me to remember fzr but welcome to the forum :D .
  6. Welcome FZR to the forum!
  7. I put down my first bike while I was practicing U-turns in a carpark once. I made the mistake of putting my foot down - so I couldnt press the rear brake and ended up rolling into the curb and putting the bike down gently on its side (no damage).

    I found: if it feels like the bike is falling or you think you arent going to make the turn, make sure you are looking where you wanna go with your eyes are level with the horizon, then roll on the throttle.

    I recommend new riders go to a carpark and doing figure-8s until you can scrape both footpegs. Also practice braking: bike should be fully upright, never grab hard on the brakes but squeeze them progressively.

    As far as tank-slappers go, I've never had one on my 600cc, virtually impossible on a 250cc I'd say.

    amm what else... learn as much as you can about the bike - tyre pressure (quite important), clean/adjust the chain. adjust your rear brake pedal, gear shifter, clutch lever, front brake lever to suit you. check the oil, brake fluid blablabla sorry if u know this stuff already :)

    oh and avoid the middle of lanes - ride in car tyre tracks, especially at intersections. one of my friends came off because he tried to stop in a puddle of oil and the bike slid out
  8. Hey there FZR, welcome to the forum :D
    Currently my bike is in the workshop...I recently bought a beautiful Suzuki RGV 250R...only 12000kms, mint condition...had her just over 3 weeks and dropped her :x
    Yup, you guessed it i'm on my L's :roll:
    Slight right hand bend...must have given her a bit mid-corner...slid the rear out. I was forced to back off and straighten up...which resulted in me running out of road :shock:
    I put it down to inexperience...probably should have held my line nadd I definately should have been more consistent with wrist :oops:
    My best of advise would be to practice...then practice more :D
    Always ride within your abilities and take it easy...take the time to get acquainted with and used to your bike, learn how she feels and all her little nuances...oh yeah...and apply the throttle evenly :shock:

    I found joining a forum like this was a great help to ask lots of questions and hook up with some more experienced riders. Ask questions and enjoy yourself :wink:
  9. Nice bike FZR

    I came off not long after getting off my L's, but it was still within my first year of riding.

    Watch out for the rush of blood. Yes you're having a great time, but try to limit yourself a little bit...
  10. This is pretty good advice - I've been "borrowing" a school basketball court nearby and doing this since you suggested it to me a few weeks ago. Haven't come off yet, but had some near misses. Certainly teaches you a lot.
  11. I've had a tank-slapper on the babyblade, Swan St during the morning peak-traffic period of all places. Hand slipped off the clutch while I was revving the engine to let cars know I was there.

    Put my feet down to try and keep it upright, ground a fair chunk of rubber off the soles of the boots, managed to get the clutch in and it settled down again. Scared the crap out of me.

    Best advice I can give is don't get too cock sure and dress to come off.
  12. Welcome!

    I've my L's for 8 weeks, and in the first week I dropped the bike in the gargage AND fell off doing a U turn way too slowly and NOT looking where I was going.

    My advice, get lots of advice and practice the slow and mundane stuff as much as possible.
  13. Heya,

    Welcome to the forum.. FZR's rock!!!

    Have fun and stay safe

    Lisa :twisted:
  14. G'day and welcome!

    Collected a wallaby at 110km/h about 8 months after getting my bike, no more bike (had no insurance due to just getting off my Ls, grey import and waiting for next payday).

    A few other minor drops from forgetting about disc lock, hitting a turn too hot, wet moss on contrete being slippery and locking up during my first attempt at the P test. These were minor incidents

    My advice, stay well clear of solid objects at speed, they are the ones that hurt and be very warry of animals at dusk in the country and ALWAY ALWAYS wear protection for head, torso, hands, legs and feet. Loosing skin sucks.
  15. Hey guys, thanks for the very warm welcome!! I have alot of those large "megacentres" and things near my place so lot of carparking space to practice, thanks for the tips and I'm sure there will be more, anyone in Sydney who might be up for a "training session" at some stage? I'm sure I'll drop it at some stage, just want to minimise the damage :) Thanks for the replies and shall keep in touch!
  16. Welcome FZR!! I had a couple of 'incidents' before I came off restrictions. Good learning experiences!!

    1. Beware of wet leaves in gutters where you want to park...if the front wheel hits the wet, slimy mass, it has a tendency to want to slide :roll:

    2. Beware of wet grass on nature strips...especially if showing off and you give it a bit, the back tends to fishtail and is hard to keep upright :oops:

    3. Always make sure that if you have a reserve fuel switch, fill up ASAP after turning it to reserve...especially if you next get on the bike and you're tired and its POURING with rain at 2am on a Friday morning. Running out of juice on the freeway is NOT fun :cry: , especially when you've just done a fishy cos the back wheel has locked and won't unlock :evil:

    4. Do not try to turn your bike with the steering lock on....especially if you're expecting it to turn in the opposite direction to the lock :oops:

    5. Do not try to complete a U-turn on a steep hill...especially at the back of the Lorne shops :oops: . The bike gets top heavy VERY quickly :roll:

    6. Possibly the most important thing, though....make sure your bike is looked after by someone you trust. Your bike's mechanic has your life in his/her hands...make sure you can trust them to make sure all bolts are in correctly, etc., etc.

    Enjoy your riding and learning your bike's peculiarities...in no time, you'll feel at one with it!!!!

    :D :D :D
  17. Hey and Welcome FZR.

    I only had one drop on my learners, and that was a forget to put the stand down thing in the driveway.

    Since I've been fully licensed, I've dropped the big one 4 times tho. Three from lack of leg length, also in the driveway, and one wet sloppy grass in a friend's driveway one stormy evening....

    Probably be a good idea for me to keep the hell away from driveways me thinks... :)

    Everyone does it, its not a big deal. Just don't let it mess with your head.
  18. Don't ride a bike with road tyres on wet grass.

    You can do a suprising amount of damage when you drop it, and it's also very embarrasing.
  19. Hey FZR, pleased to meetcha.

    My recent experience tells me that the best way to avoid an off is NOT to pass Bond Girl. I did it and was parked inverted on the next bend! :-(

    Can't blame Sue for it, just not as cautious as she is.

    I was out trying to learn in a group ride, and missed the fact that the corner was off camber and root rippled. In the weeds before I could work out what was wrong.

    Met a lota nice people 'though! :)
  20. Welcome FZR to the forum