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Newbie hoping to make a New Year midlife crisis purchase

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Righteousself, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. Grow up old man

    0 vote(s)
  2. Buy the wife a new kitchen

    1 vote(s)
  3. Buy a bike and Re live your child hood

    17 vote(s)
  1. Have my eye on the Yamaha mt-07la. Rode dirt bikes as a kid but new to road riding.
    Have had my learners for years and have never ridden on the road. Plan to get my P's early in the new year and purchase a bike.
    After many hours on the internet I think the MT-07 will satisfy my needs. Will only ride on weekends ect, no practical reason for purchasing a bike other then to have some fun.

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  2. All sounds perfectly reasonable but you seem to be a little confused. There ARE no practical reason for purchasing a bike. :)

    Nor need there be. I have finally realized why my wife wants expensive handbags. A bike is a purely emotional need.

    Go for it!
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  3. Unless you commute into the city everyday like me. I honestly don't know why or how people commute in traffic in a car anymore. I used to, but it all seems so silly now.

    A round trip on the train from my place is $13.40......a day and takes close to an hour each way. Plus due to trains only leaving every half hour I'm rather very early or late getting to work on the train. On the bike I leave when I want.

    My bike is filled once a week at around $15-$18, and it takes me 30-45minutes each way in peak hour.

    Couple that with not having to cram myself in an overcrowded train and the pleasure of riding everyday and I'm well in top.

    Even though I commute everyday.....there ain't no chicken strips as I ety fun on the weekends too.
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  4. Friggin auto-correct. Why do they think when I type 'on' I actually meant 'in'? I mean I wrote 'intentions' the other day and ended up as 'Cola shirts'.....what. the. fcuk!? Cause you know, 'cola shirts' is obviously what I meant to write. I swear auto-correct used to work better 5 years ago.
  5. Welcome to NR...

    Kitchens come and go and can be done next year.

    Get the bike now! :D
  6. Which proves my point!

    Great justification Barters but what clinches the deal is the"pleasure of riding every day" and the "fun at weekends" .

    My wife tells me her LV handbag is very practical and capacious too.
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  7. Hey I've got to rationalize it somehow. I failed to mention the cost of the bike, cost of gear and training etc..... :)
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  8. As the big man said 'do it, just do it!'
  9. Ah screw it, instead of Googling "Capacious", I'm going for a ride, anyone want to join me?
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  10. Beware that by asking members of an online motorcycle forum if you should buy a bike or not may NOT give you the most objective advice.

    I suggest you post the same question on Crochet Weekly just to balance out the inherent bias in the test population.

    Lastly ask yourself the following. If you were days away from dying of old age sitting in the wheelchair being fed by the beautiful young nurse, what would impress her most - telling her of all the awesome experiences you had on two wheels or explaining why you chose a specific color for the new kitchen??
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  11. I wish mate.......would love to learn some more cool roads, but alas Perth is a long way to come from today.

    And I'm assuming the question of whether to get a bike or not is rhetorical.
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  12. I have decide to purchase a dirt cheap bike to learn and gain confidence on. In 2 weeks I take possession of a Yamaha Scorpio 225.
    After reviewing every LAMs bike I could, I have decided that a Honda CB400 will be my bike of choice. I hope to purchase a new one in the next 6 months.
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  13. Welcome RighteousselfRighteousself
    I am hard pushed to think of a reason not to get a bike and ride....na...nuthin

    Unless you can prove to me comprehensively that we get multiple lives, this one life has to be lived well and to its limits.
    kitchen smitchen I just make sure I am never around to have to cook! I think Port Mac could be a reasonable distance me thinks and well, there is the Oxley nearby ;)
  14. Buy the bike and a second helmet .take the wife out for joy ride:)
  15. welcome aboard :) get the bike and enjoy the ride :)