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Newbie, Hi Everyone I need some help

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BIG_BOZO, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone, I have riden & owned many bikes over the last 20 years in Sydney these being mostly large bikes. Will be back on 2 wheels soon after a 10 year lay off hmm could be a mid life crisis lol, how do I go about joining in on rides, do I just turn up or message the ride organiser informing I would like to tag along :wink: Thanks Jim

  2. if there is a ride posted up, you can just show up but it is always good just to let them know on the thread about the ride that u will be atending
  3. First of all, Jim, join the noble line to the left of people who've rediscovered the joys of two wheels.

    Now, if you check regularly on the NSW Rides and Events Forum, you'll find all the latest news about rides, and social events as well. You're welcome at any or all :).
  4. welcome to the forum....
  5. Welcome Jim
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the info, much appreciated, my hasn't the price of gear gone up, then again so has the price of petrol :cry: .

    And yes Bozo is my nick name, I guess cause I must be a funny guy lol :grin:

  7. [​IMG] ya big bozo you :p
  8. Hi Bozo, group rides are open to everyone so you can just turn up. It is polite though to post your intention for the ride leader to gauge numbers but it's not essential. :)
  9. [​IMG]
    Have a look around the forum :)