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Newbie Here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by ekat90, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone I'd like to say hi, I've been interested in motorbikes for a long time, I've just been put out of it quiet a few times but this time..my stubborness has broke through all of them.

    Alot of things put me off, literally everyone that I've spoken too have told me not to do it and its dangerous, now I understand where they come from I understand the consequences, no matter what anything that gives you a adrenaline rush or fun has a risk! and I'm taking it..

    Also a couple of years ago a friend of mine passed away from a motorbike accident. never the less without trying it I will never know if I will ever like it or not so I'm taking the plunge and doing my 2 day learner course in Victoria next weekend.

    My only dilemma I have right now is I'm currently looking at a bike nearby that I'm thinking about buying but I need someones guidance..I'll send a link to whoever is very happy to help me and take a look and give me a suggestion to my current time. Thank you.
  2. Welcome to NR, So, where are you located? [to point you for rider practise sessions while you learn]
    The bike buying help will be offered if someone lives close by, the site is full of inofrmation, do your research well, prevention is better then cure.
    Enjoy [like we all do] oh yeah, for those that said you'd die, hey, we all will [one day] :)