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Newbie here. Anyone able to look at a bike with me for beer?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Abo Bob, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone.

    I met a guy going for his P's I think when I did the Stay Upright course who mentioned this place. Well here I am.

    I've been out looking for a bike and was hoping someone would be kind enough to come and look at one hopefully tomorrow with me. It's in Kogarah (Syd). I need someone to ride it because it's a 750 and I can't ride it yet.

    I will pay in beer or bourbon or whatever for the help.

    I know it's a bit much to ask for help straight away but I hope to make a valuable contribution to the forum over the next however many years I'm around. I'm over on www.skylinesaustralia.com a lot helping out but my car is getting a little boring since it's getting close to "finished". So unless you guys have any Skyline questions it will be me doing all the asking for now. :D

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Welcome to the forums Bob.

    I can't help being in Vic and all, but hopefully someone will be along soon that can.

    Good luck with your shopping :grin:
  3. +1 :)
  4. Re: Newbie here. Anyone able to look at a bike with me for b

    Dealer or private sale??

    I live on the other side but should be able to get over there Wednesday morning if nobody helped you out by then.
  5. Thanks for the welcome from the LaTrobe Valley. :)

    It's a dealer. Scotts Motorcycles. If I haven't sorted something out for this weekend I will be at work next week (first week back after 5 off :() but I mean all I really need is someone to ride it to see if it feels good on the road suspension-wise and that the engine,gearbox and clutch drive well.

    I have looked over it as much as I can given my knowledge (plenty of mechanical but not bike specific) and the fact that it was stationary. It starts up well, sounds good, blows no weeds, no rattles, good tyres, chain is good tension (not sure how to check it's condition), rear sprocket is good, brakes have enough meat on them, plenty of rego.
  6. in that case.... Not specifically a skyline question but along the same lines. hopefully you know. I already have the "HD" Datsun clutch attached to an L20 B that I keep f***ing, can I use a HD clutch from an R30/31 skyline if I change the flywheel also? If so, do I just use the S/L flywheel or is there another type that mates the 2??

    oh, and hey, welcome to the forums :p
  7. Haha, I only know from R31 onwards.

    I can tell you that Nissan are big on everything bolting together in the RB range but you are talking pre-RB so I can't be sure. We do use Nissan Patrol clutches though so it would be fair to be hopeful.

    www.skylinesaustralia.com :D
  8. If it's less than five years old and has under 30,00kms then you get a three month warranty.

    You can always make an offer subject to a test ride
  9. Welcome Abo Bob :grin:
  10. Thanks Alli.

    Toecutter - it's more than 20 years old and more than 100,000 k's :D
  11. Hope you are getting it cheap. Does it have service records?

    If you are after "just an older bike" I'd look elsewhere.
  12. Welcome the site. Enjoy. :grin:
  13. Congratulations Bob, enjoy your ride :grin:
  14. Congrats on the TDM - much better buy

    They're an all purpose bike so you got plenty of options open to you where you can ride.

    Have fun
  15. Thanks. A bit of positive reinforcement always helps. :D

    They seem fairly rare in Aus and US but I'm finding some European info on the net gradually.
  16. Hmm, can't seem to see the pics...
  17. Re: Newbie here. Anyone able to look at a bike with me for b

    Welcome to netrider. I'm sure you'll have plenty of offers in the future with headings like that.

    I'm curious what do you do with skylines?...as I have a nissan 6 planned for my Bolwell Mark 7. I maybe after some bits and pieces.
  18. My opinion is to forget it. Bike engines dont last the same amount of kms as car engines.