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Newbie help!!!Honda CBR won't start

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Latina, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Hi all being new and inexperienced, i know nothing about motorbikes I got scammed and bought my first bike a month ago a Honda CBR that clearly has mechanical issues..and is dead!!
    Seller obviously knew there was something wrong with it but took advantage that I didn't.. I am desperately seeking someone who would kindly show me and explain parts of the bike and hopefully get it on the road. I have been learning online have checked a few things but still won't start:(
    I am willing to negotiate payment for your time..,
    Please help all I wanna do is ride my bike

  2. Would kinda help to know where you are....state, suburb????
  3. Have you checked the killswitch? Easy but silly mistake to make
  4. Is your starter motor cranking or are you getting nothing at all?
  5. Are you hot?
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  6. Reg/Rec
  7. troll
  8. You've only had it a month, call Sumoto and demand a refund!
  9. i'm gonna go out and say it... fuel/reserve switch
  10. Suck it NK, I'm gonna find out where she lives & will give you a report!!! :rofl:
  11. I'd just be happy to hear the young lady's ride is rolling again.
    And I wanted, just once, to ask the question...
  12. All she has to do is see the video of you riding in those fishnets NK lol
  13. Hang around, sonny, when you've done the boards as long as I have, maybe you'll think before hitting the enter key.

    The Honda regulator/rectifier is a known fault with all Honda models during the 80's and 90's and should be the first thing checked if any electrical/starting fault is noticed. There you go, a bit of free eduction from the troll.

    Oh, and, next time, I won't bother, you can figure it out for yourself, moron.
  14. what about the kickstand switch - we have had issues with ours.

    Does it crank in Neural?

    or completely dead?

    dash lights?
  15. dont know how you come up with rec reg when no info at all was given im not that wet behind the ears myself
  16. Clearly it's fixed already, it's the only logical reason a first time poster would never come back...

    And I'd go with the reg/rec too, I keep 3 spares.
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  17. Ok sorry guys I haven't had time to look at the feedback???
    No I haven't fixed it but have a couple offer their help thanks guys...
    No it doesn't start in neutral if I keep trying to start it battery goes completely flat?? Yeah I've been reading on the Internet about common faults but I don't know what to look out for on the wires?? Thanks soo much for your input and a couple offers to come take a look I will keep u posted :)
  18. looks like you could be rite
  19. Reg/Rec interests me. It may be why my old MC19 won't start.