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Newbie hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by missrider, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Introducing myself... new to this, from the Sunny Coast Qld...Looking to connect with other riders / events in this area.

    Just signed the docs today for my new 2010 Triumph Street Triple R in Phantom Black...

    So excited

    Cheers Anna
  2. Welcome Anna :)
  3. Nice choice in bikes Anna, welcome to the boards, how long have u been riding?
  4. Welcome Anna,
  5. Hello and welcome Anna

    Now that's a good way to introduce yourself to this forum...

    ".....Just signed the docs today for my new 2010 Triumph Street Triple R in Phantom Black...."

    This immediately puts you a bit higher up the motorcycling food chain and will gain the admiration of many. Well, at least me.

    I am not surprised you are excited. When do you get it? How long have you been riding bikes? And where will you go riding on it?

    Questions, so many questions....:)

    Enjoy it and be safe.

  6. +1 to the 'good bike' comments. I've got the R in grey, and it is a top bike. You're going to love it. :)

    What accessories (if any) did you go for?
  7. Hi Anna, I live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Often ride in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, very beautiful spot and good riding roads. Congratulations on your new ride. I picked up my new bike yesterday, and it really is the greatest feeling in the world!
  8. Thanks for the welcome LOL.

    I should have got it yesterday but Triumph Australia delivered it to the dealer without a compliance plate on it... :( so I can't take it until that arrives in 7 - 10 days.

    I've been riding on and off for approx since 2002, got hooked when an ex boyfriend took me on the back of his Gsxer to Phillip Island for the Grand Prix in 2001, was awesome.

    I enjoy the ride out to Peachester here on the Coast & around the hinterland also. Hopefully will do some bigger rides too.

    Cheers Anna
  9. Sweet :)
    I ordered the belly pan and fly screen but apparently Triumph haven't released them in the Phantom black yet... it's a metallic paint, I think they will arrive in 4 weeks or so. Might just wait and get them fitted on the first 1000km service.

    What do you have?

    Cheers Anna :)
  10. welcome fellow tripleler...
    I've got the 08 blue daytona and loving it...

    post pics when the bike arrives...
  11. Here's a pretty crappy pic from my phone...still...I THINK IT'S HOT LOL

  12. lol, need 5 posts to post a photo... ;)
  13. she has 5 now :)
  14. Hi Anna, good to see another Striple owner in SEQ.

    I have a grey Striple R that I picked up in December last year, absolutely lovin it!! You'll have a ball on yours I'm sure.

    Hope to meet you on a ride someday.
  15. Cheers, yeah will def keep an eye on the events info - I pick the bike up tomorrow if nothing else goes wrong... :)
  16. Hi there and welcome to the Wonderful world of Triumph's a great choice .=D>

  17. Nice bike! Love the black with gold! I love the look of the speed and street triples (triumphs are awesome). However can't say I am really taken with the double headlights :s

    Can anyone tell me the diff between the street and speed triple?
  18. street = 675cc
    speed = 1050cc, plug single sided swingarm

    you don't like twin headlights?? :/
  19. Ah thanks for that!

    Yeah nah, woulda looked better with a big round one I reckon... but hey, each to their own! Rest of the bike is great!
  20. Finally picked it up!!! Absolutely loving it...


    Cheers Anna