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Newbie hello - after droping bike learning today

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AWR, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Hello Netriders.
    I have been lurking since Christmas time, meaning to say hello, just never getting to it. Learning heaps here, and keeps me excited between lessons.

    I dropped the bike today while doing emergency braking drills, so thought after my first accident I should also make my first post too.

    Sitting at home now with grazed knee and elbow and sore big toe, but looking forward to getting out on the road on Saturday for the first time.
    I might have to move my gear purchase forward to protect myself more - or just do a better job at stopping correctly. (I was planning on buying gear at the same time as a bike)

  2. G'day AWR.

    Glad to see the fall hasn't dampened your enthusiasm. I'm a new rider myself and had my first drop a couple of weeks ago trying to get out of my driveway. Embarrassing, sure, but that's what learning is all about.

    Good idea about the gear, get the best you can. Best of luck.
  3. g'day ashley. welcome aboard :)

    sorry to hear about your drop. hope you are ok. very good to see you are eager to get back on there :) where are you doing your lessons??

    good luck finding a bike. what sort are you looking for?

    i can reccommend springwood suzuki for looking at gear. they have great range.
  4. Hi AWR

    Welcome to NetRider

    Good to hear you're not too badly hurt from your drop

    Have fun Saturday
  5. Hi AWR,
    Most of us newbies to riding will confess to a drop or two. Mine was embarrassingly infront of the neighbours as we were turning into the driveway at the same time :oops: However, after a few drops I came to realise why it was happening and I discovered NEVER turn the steering at low to zero speed and use the front brake at the same time. Even just the thought of it makes me squirm now. Fortunately, those days are long gone and they will soon be a thing of the past for you too.
  6. Welcome Ashley.

    Let me first of all invite you to read the Terms and Conditions of the forum; that's the link below the message box in "Post a Reply". This is a pretty free and easy place, but a knowledge of the Ts&Cs will make for a quieter life for you :).

    So, sorry about your fall. I'm guessing you had jeans on, and now know that as protective gear, they're useless. I'm glad you're planning on investing in some good gear. Check out the many threads here about gear to get an idea of what the collective wisdom is on the matter.

    And most of all, enjoy your riding.
  7. Hey AWR, welcome to netrider!
    Good luck with the first road ride :)
  8. Now that you've gotten falling out of your system your free to enjoy the motorcycling experience. :grin:

    Welcome to NR :cool:

    :-k Hmm, Motorcycling Experience :rofl: sounds like a dodgy 80's pop group :oops:
  9. My last fall a few yeas ago was my very best. Many years riding. Bought a brand new Z750. Proudly brought it home to an eagerly waiting group of friends. Rode up the driveway and got off. I subsequently remembered that there is an item called a side-stand that should be deployed before dismounting. I still won't come out of my room.

    Welcome (can I say that - this is only my 5th post - joined yesterday)
  10. Thanks for your good wishes everyone.
    Did the road ride today, had a good time, but made lots of mistakes. So next week I get the practice in the Toombul car park a bit more before we go out again.
    Some proper gear will be in order this week. It should give me a bit more confidence instead of normal jeans and a flannelette shirt.

  11. Welcome mate, hope to see you out there one day!