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Newbie happiness

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by KBear, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. So I went out again today after a terrible ride yesterday (I really need to work on slow riding and cornering) and decided to travel up Sydney Road to practice stop/starting in traffic. What a great ride it ended up being! No stalls. Had to really concentrate on trams and cars changing lanes but I had blasted all the way up to Craigieburn before I knew it!

    Got my first *nod* off a sportsbike rider on Sydney Road and got asked about my bike through a car window stopped at the lights.

    Day Three of the Bike really gave me a buzz.

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  2. go to saturday practice and then go on the after ride you will love it and learn heaps
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  3. Planning on showing up this week. Sounds like its exactly what I need.
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  4. see you there
  5. Welcome to NR...

    +1 to Saturday practice...
  6. Well done
  7. great work :]
  8. Welcome to Netrider
  9. Few weeks in, now. I spend most of my time completely, utterly lost. Its fuggin fantastic.

    I want to hit up a group ride soon!
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  10. Congratulations ! - you have the same bike as me. :) I've put an IXIL pipe on, so she sounds a bit more grown up now lol.
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  11. Congrats - great to be getting over stall anxiety lol!
  12. It gets worse- I am like a teenager again obsessing with all things motorbike- especially when you start hurting your neck in your hurry to check out other riders and their bikes as they whizz by! I am sure when I am on the bus sussing everyone out on their bikes, everyone probably just thinks I am a dirty old pervert- but seriously only interested in the wheels...:p
  13. Haha. You could be worse and have a collection photos or a stack of magazines My partner is hoping that all of the bike magazines will one day all fall into the recycling bin and free up space. It seems a sacrilege to throw them away.
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  14. Welcome, a new bike is a great feeling. Don't get frustrated with slow speed stuff, gradual practice and it will come to you in time.
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  15. I perve more than is considered sane. I can't help it!
  16. Don't worry. More you ride better you will get in general. I look at bikes all the time especially when I am stuck in the car and can't do lane filtering and get unstuck
  17. Wow. It's been a while. I've finally booked in my licence test!

    I love my bike and everything is represents. See you on the roads.
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  18. Congrats on booking the test, wishing you all the best with it! :)