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Newbie group ride Sun 15th diary

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by fitryder, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone!

    Firstly id like to say thanks for coming!

    It was the first ride i have ever organized and i will admit it was a bit messy but i guess its a learning experience so again, thanks for coming and i hope you all had a good day out!

    So i guess everyone can post there view of events but heres mine.

    Meet and great at Tempe then off to maccas. Some food for some and then we started to head out to the royal. I think this is where are first mistake was. We took to much lanes. next time we must just stick to one lane and those over taking, unless you know the way and where we are stopping then DONT.

    This lead to the problem at Audley where we got split up cause the first group of riders missed the turn off.

    From that point on it was an adventure! All in which lead to an accident between Cambell and a duke, ill let him explain that if he wants. Not my call.

    At that point the group split and i dont know what the other group did but for us we had a really good ride up to bulli stopping for ice cream lol.

    Then the good old highway home so Estee could get to work.

    Again, thanks for coming and here are some pic's!


  2. Gday Jake

    Thanks so much for organising, Tim and I really enjoyed it. Pity we all had split up and of course the accident - lucky no one was majorly injured!

    Look forward to the next ride and some more pictures!

  3. gees hope no1 was badly hurt.....

    can someone explain what happend??? or more pics???
  4. Just so everyone dose not worry,

    There were no serious injuries. I don't know the full extent of them. But everyone is fine both riders got up without a prob.

    Basically what happened was one of our lads was doing a Uie and a duke came speeding through the corner and closed the gap and they nicked each other which was enough.

    Cant say the same for the other poor bugger from the group we passed.... hope he pulled up ok. (we dont know what happened so dont ask) But he was in the middle of the road on a straight and the ambos were catering to him.

    Anyway, im thinking of another ride soon, this weather is perfect for it.
  5. oh dang.... lets just hope he;s ok....
  6. As soon as i got home there was a slight poor of rain -_______-" i said to somebody that we had horrible weather recently and it strikes again :mad:
  7. scrambles mate, hope you're on the mend quickly!!!

    i still want that pipe :p

    was a good ride, thanks fitryder for organising!!

    SpRonG - found home alright then :LOL: ... bet you didn't turn the engine off until you got there :p

    Lessons learnt by all for the next trip:

    1. How NOT to meet duc riders
    2. How NOT to ride in a group (don't overtake the leaders, don't take up all 3 lanes of a highway)
    3. How NOT to get to work in time :LOL:

    Good ride all. After the group of us stuck around to make sure Ktulu came and got scrambles alright (nice one Ktulu!) we went to stanwell tops, down through to the seacliff bridge and up bulli pass, and home along the freeway because we were late!.. we'll do the old princes highway next time!

    no pics from me - my camera was out of batteries :oops: ... knew i was forgetting something!!

    Anyway, cheers again fitryder!
  8. Yeah i got home but on Liverpool Street some dumb taxi driver suddenly pulled over and opened his door. With no choice but to aim for the escape root and hit the breaks my rears locked up and i lost control for 1 second but got it back into control and rode off.

    Lucky for the taxi driver i was dead tired otherwise would of gave him a piece of the ducati :p
  9. aye, damn taxies!!!

    i rode home and came across a buell.. looked bloody hot and sounded great!
  10. Out from Bulli Tops, aiming for the Princes, first turn right to avoid the hwy, then straight ahead… on no.. appin road…an one hour trip 50km to the city end up being a 100km and 2 hours via Campbelltown. Appin cows still look cool though!!!
    What a day, but we all came out ok, we’ll live to do it again, and that’s all it matters.. :beer:
  11. Yeah Cheers for organising fitryder.

    I had a great ride even if I had to bail early to give a mate a hand moving.

    good group of riders who will just get better the more we ride in groups.
    all points that fitryder made were valid and i really think the masive group of other riders we got mixed up with didnt help at all.

    Scrambles hope your OK mate, and all the rest of you enjoyed the sea cliff bridge, wish i could of been there. I like a bit of ice cream every now and again too.

    See you all on the next one

  12. I'm sure the rides will get better as we all have more experience in large groups - for our first I think we all learnt alot!

  13. Couldn't agree more!

    Nice vid Supernego!
  14.  Top
  15. Found a couple of snaps left in my phone.. it's about the..
    The Spada Club..

  16. Awesome video supernego!

    next time i'll bring batteries for my camera...
  17. nice vid... love the background music....
  18. Great Videa Supernego, how do you film while riding?
    Do you have some sort of mount?