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Newbie Greetings!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ceska, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone :)

    What a wonderful site this is!! I must admit, I've been addicted for a few mths now, yet really only started posting the last few weeks. I thought it rude not introducing myself, so here goes....

    I'm new to riding, female & have had my L's for a month. My bike's been with me 2 wks ('07 VTR 250) & I'm in both love & fear which is probably healthy right now. I'm settling in & trying to find my feet & its been an interesting journey so far... :eek: :wink:

    This site has given me so much information already.... from reassurance that there r plenty of short riders out there (I'm 157cm) to tips on lowering my bike & other people's first experiences and much much more (I could give so many examples!!) :grin:

    I look forward to posting more about my riding, as well as where I can add value or just my opinion. There is so much to continually read & appreciate, the wealth of knowledge & experience is amazing :!:

    Frances :grin:
  2. welcome to the world of bikes :) ul have a blast over the coming months on ur bike if ur new to riding. Dont worry about ya height, there are alot of short asses here trust me :wink: u can adjust ur suspension if u cant quite touch the ground, up to you, u have to be comfy on a bike to really appreciate it.
    Anyway enjoy enjoy and stay upright :cool:
  3. welcome to Netrider :)
  4. Welcome Frances; there are a lot of REALLY GOOD lady riders on this site too, so seek them out on some of the rides and pick their brains to speed up your learning curve :).
  5. :)
    kinkybinky - i've had my suspension lowered by 5mm, yet after sculpting the seat I can now put the balls of my feet on the ground & am happy. Have been advised that the suspension will settle as the bike heads (every so slowly :!: ) to 1,000 kms... its taking me ages to do this :oops:

    hornet - yes, I've noticed other female riders through reading many pages of this forum, so after a few more outings on my own (aka with hubby who is at a similar level to me) I'll PM for some mentoring.

    AUS-ESP - Thank-you :wink:
  6. Welcome Aboard Frances !!!!
  7. welcome to the madhouse :grin:
    top choice on a bike by the way!
    love my VTRs :grin:
    those 1000km should disappear in 2 or 3 weeks if your really love your bike :wink: :grin:
  8. hi frances, i'm only a noobie myself but finding the site very informative too!
  9. Welcome to the Forum Frances. Get yourself out on the organised rides
  10. Hi and Welcome.

    There are lots of pleasant roads out your way so you'll be knocking up the kilometres in no time.

    Once the weather improves there should be some learner friendly organised rides. Will look forward to seeing you and hubby on them.
  11. Thanks EVERYONE :grin:

    We're enjoying our VTR's, yet at the same time almost killing each with over-protectiveness - suppose this is a std hubby / wife @ similar levels feature & is the "care factor" :) :roll: :eek:

    I'll get us into some mentoring soon (or me if he's doesn't want it) given we'r starting out in "intermediate terrain" - there's allot to take in, learn & dodge (!)......cars, horses, kangaroos, rabbits, foxes, crazy farmers who r worse than ordinary drivers etc :!:

    yet we do look forward to group rides & beautiful weather :wink: