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Newbie - Goose

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Goose, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Hey Alex and everyone else...

    Another new guy, my names Daniel, I'm from sydney aswell, going for my P's on saturday aswell. Small world huh. I'm having the same doubts about my bike being able to do the U turn. Its a GS500f, and its a little bigger than the CB.

    Anyway, see you guys around
  2. G'day and welcome Daniel

    Good luck on the weekend!

  3. WOW.... I get my own thread, topic, thing. awesome!

    Thanks IFFRACEM
  4. Welcome and good luck!
  5. Weelcome aboard Goose!
  6. Goose, welcome to netrider :)

    Goose, do u ever play UrT at GA?
  7. ah, by UrT. The only thing that comes to mind is Unreal tournament. lol. If thats what you mean, then no, sorry. I must have stolen someones name. Please don't tell them :( . I've got no idea what GA is
  8. NP...didn't think it was you, just had to ask.:)
  9. G'day and welcome! Good luck with your test (think positively and you'll be fine!)

    :D :D :D
  10. Hello and welcome.

    Leanne :)
  11. Welcome to the forums Daniel and good luck with your test tomorrow. Be sure to let us know how you go :D
  12. oh dear the sydney riders are multiplying ;)

    welcome goose :)
  13. Welcome Goose. Good luck with your test.

    :D :D
  14. Hey Goose !

    where's Mav and has he lost the lovin' feeling ???
  15. Ok, it took me about 5 mins to get that joke! Almost over my head :)
  16. oh dear ......

  17. hey daniel, Welcome dude, good to see another Sydneysider in the mix! :D

    good luck with ur P's test tomorrow! where-bouts u doing it?? i live up at Frenchs Forest, but doing my test all the way down in Sutherland! (and i think i heard that its gonna rain tomorrow so that should make it interesting! :) )
  18. Hey alex. Im doing my test out at campbelltown uni. nice and close for me, 10 mins from home. man... god i hope it doesn't rain, i hate getting wet. How long have you been riding for? You confident about the test?
  19. YEAH! Passed my P's today! :D Don't know why I was so nervous, they gave us ages to practice beforehand. I did them at Campbelltown uni, so shouts go out to Daniel, Mick (?), Michelle and Joe if they happen to be members. Hope you got some good news too Playerone since you were doing yours today too. :?:
  20. Congratulations Goose!!! I guess you'll spend every spare moment riding now?