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Newbie getting better

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by egiste, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Anyway i haven't been up to that much, just drinkin beer at home atm. The other softies have all gone to bed, just got some acdc cranked and playing on the net. So thought i would mention my day.

    I went for a ride today with seany and eswen, she was pillion on his bike, so he was riding pretty slow. Just went out through warandyte to kangaroo ground and through christmas hills to yarra glen and back with a detour through St andrews round to hurstbride and back. Just over 2 hours all up.

    I was having a little more than the normal trouble sticking to the speed limit :-w :-w and spent half the arvo stopped on the side of the road waiting for them to catch up.

    I guess I was just in the right frame of mind, a clear head, I changed the oil this morning and cleaned the engine, so the bike was running sweet, the sun was shinning and the road was dry and there was nothing else in the world except that next bend in the road.

    It was just me, 500 metres of tar, the howl of the wind, that sweet song of the ZZR at 10 grand and that one hell of a fun factor!!! (You know what Im talking about :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: )

    As you might know I am still on my L's having recently made the change from dirt to the road, so I am not a real newbie, but have been out of my element on the tar, and the whole idea of sit down and keep your feet on the pegs has really taken some work. :shock:

    I am getting heaps more confident with cornering at high speed, and i didn't find myself making any mistakes or misjudgements for the day. With the only scare passing the motorbike cop going the other way though christmas hills. I slowed down after that as i was looking in the mirrors a little more :)

    One big thrill for the day was hitting some of the same roads that I first rode on a road bike and at the time I found difficult and even made mistakes on, then today i was more than comfortable at twice the speed and taking them in my stride.

    Anyway I would to take the time to thank those that have given me the advice and instruction to get me to keep the bike rubber down and also ask how the more experienced riders on the bigger bikes manage to keep their licences when god provides these magical days ?? The only thing I can think is i need a track bike and membership at broadford !!!

    Anyways, sorry about the drunken rant, but im sure you all know how I feel. !!! :grin:
  2. Nothing beats the smile on your face under the helmet eh? :grin:
  3. I started riding a real bike yesterday instead of scooter and theres a hell of a diff . no more people laughing at me at set of lights.
  4. now they just laugh at you everywhere you go? :LOL:
  5. why would they do that !
  6. Because of the toilet paper hanging out your pants!! :oops: :cry: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. And I was more than thankful to have some cop bait to save the radars being aimed at me. :wink:

    Mind you, I know my speed was far from angelic, so me thinks you were being very naughty indeed. :wink: :twisted: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. egiste, ill tell you next week how "riders on the bigger bikes" manage to loose thier licenses. hehe.

    glad your out and having fun, i know the feeling im getting better everyday on my new toy. i had gotten to the stage were i could throw the virago at any corner at any speed and come out burling, then when i got the R6 was just basically pooping myself (in a figure of speech of course) at corners and traffic lights and U-turns, yet tonight i found myself at the local hot spot dropping revs to ricers hahaha.
  9. Yep, know the feeling, must have looked strange when i kept putting my foot out on the 800 going round a corner :p 8 months later and i still do it ocasionaly, especialy at low speeds.
  10. Are you on the GPX now? I love the GPX, they're an awesome bike.
  11. One simple answer Mark-They dont! 3 time licence looser baby,personally myself :facepalm: ](*,) :facepalm:
    Cops are always round Christmas hills area,they love it,as you probably know Mark,me and Carri frequent St Andrews markey a fair bit,both being hippies at heart,and cops love to bust us peace luvin hippies,specially seeing as half of them dont have a licence.
  12. Yer heaps of power , missus brag me out for riding a scooter , now i have a bike it much better