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Newbie G'day !

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by boy bill, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Hi all.Just got myself a bike after a twenty year break from riding.Apparently this means I have a statistically good chance of dropping it.It's an '87 SRX600 Jap import and I absolutely love it!Plus it won't be going too fast if the stats are right and I do drop it.Hope to meet some of you out there one day.Boy Bill's back!

  2. Welcome to NR buddy :cool:

    BTW: Where's Murphys Creek???

  3. G'day Bill, welcome to NR. Have you considered doing a refresher course? Might help stack the odds more in your favor.
  4. Doyle,

    MC is just down the range from Toowoomba but off the main highway.It's just a one shop town,no pub unfortunately.We still get lots of Sunday riders passing through,which is nice.


    Will definitely be doing a refresher/safety course soon.Realise my post must of sounded a bit negative.All those lovely rides ahead,can't wait!
  5. Boy Bill

    My story similar to you.....have not ridden much in almost 20 years. Funny thing is, it comes back to you quickly. Was a bit edgy at first though. Every sense in your brain comes alive when you're on a bike!

    Take it easy..... :)
  6. Pete, welcome to Netrider, and back to the joys of the road. Don't let the fudgy stats bother you, just get out and ride. Actually, more people die in bed than on bikes; stay out of bed and ride!
  7. Get a couple of old mattresses and then drop your bike on them :wink:
    Welcome to NR, where the bad humour is free :grin: :grin: