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Newbie from Wollongong

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bbrush, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Hi all

    Just joined this group - I am recently back into riding after a 30 year layoff from road bikes.

    Bought a Ducati 750SS '97 model a year ago and have had a ball on it!

    I seem to be doing the longer rides now (weekends away, etc.) so recently I upgraded to an ST3 - much more comfortable on those long trips, but I think the 750 has mor "grin" factor after doing Macquarie Pass.

    I'll be catching you in the forums..

    bbrush 8) 8) 8)
  2. Welcome to the forums bbrush. We camp with quite a few guys from Wollongong at the MotoGp each year, not a bad bunch of people. I will up in your area in about 6 weeks time :D
    Another Wollongong rider, woo-hoo!!!!!
  4. congrats on the re-insertion into the faster way to travel through life.... Welcome
  5. Ok, so I know the Gov't did a simulated terrorist attack, but I didn't know they were testing disaster-readiness as well......
  6. Indeed, I hope you are planning on making contact?!?
  7. Welcome bbrush to the wonderful world of Netrider where all your bikes questions are answered!:D or at least someone try's!
    If you need lessons on posting, just catch up with Paul (hornet599) he is a master :LOL: :LOL:
    Time to change your username Paul to Hornet599 to match the bike :p
  8. hornet - I'll meet you at the Robbo pie shop sometime!!
  9. Count me in on that. I may only be a newby rider but any excuse to go up macquarie pass will be a welcome one (i haven't done it on my bike yet!!!!). Also good to catch up with some fellow Wollongongites and enjoy a good ole robertson pie.

    Maybe we could organise a ride up there with flipper when she comes up. How about it Paul??
  10. Gday BB, whens this pie run on? .. can I come too? .. huh.. huh... can I?
  11. Hi bbrush , welcome.
  12. gotta change your sig dave!! (and how's married life going anyway, we saw the pics, beautiful wedding)

    Yeah, wollongongers, what about a quiet toddle up the Pass on Sunday morning, or Sunday arvo (present precipitious weather permitting)???
  13. I have a full schedule this weekend, unfortunately - maybe the following weekend.
  14. Hornet, count me in if the weather takes a turn for the better mate :)
  15. Ok, I know this is in the wrong thread, but it follows discussion of the same matter in this thread.

    I would like to ride up to robbo and back tomorrow morning, leaving from Albion Park Shops at 9:30 am, weather permitting.

    If you want to come along, please be there. If you need any further information, PM me for my phone number, or the information.
  16. G'day bbrush!
  17. I not long got home, Hornet .. and you may already be in bed by now, sooo I'll catch up with you in the morning @ the shops :)
  18. So, how did the ride go?

    Well, it was a sparkling South Coast Sunday, and we met in the middle of Albion Park at the appointed time. Mark said "You lead" so we headed off to the outskirts of town, where I took off to 100kph. Mark DIDN'T.

    I stopped half way up the Pass and waved him by, then asked at the Robbo Pie Shop, "So, how long have you been riding?" "A month!"

    Ooo eck!!

    So we had a pie and some coffee and a chat with some of the guys there, and headed back to Wollongong at a more sedate pace!!

    I hope Mark enjoyed it (detour because of a truck accident and all) because I did; I just might ask new people I ride with that question BEFORE the ride starts next time!!!
  19. And to follow on from where Paul left off.... YES , It was a great day to be out on the tar.. I enjoyed the short ride thoroughly :), it was a picture perfect day, and we couldnt have asked for better.
    Paul is one of those guys you meet once in a blue moon, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable... he shared some of his life stories with me, which left me wondering about my sad sack existence.. anyway.. he's just an all round good bloke, and I would like to thank him for taking the time to join me on the ride, and also for the tips he offered ( which I have been practising :) ) .. if any other Netriders get the chance to be apart of a ride that Paul's involved with, get yourself along and meet this guy :).

    Thanks again mate.

    P.S. I brought a Cruiser to Cruuuuuiiisssssseee!! :p :) >> I took off at 100kph, pffft ... I let u lead cause.. ummm.. I didnt think you new the way :):) ...

    P.S.S. heres a couple of pics >> http://idos.bizhat.com/picture.html
  20. you are a nice man, deve8ed! have a look at the Sydney coffee night thread, we're trying to get a tuesday night once a month coffee night up in wollongong.....