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Newbie from Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by notasquid2111, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. What up NR!

    New rider here - learner's acquired last weekend with HART in St. Ives.

    Been lurking on NR for a few months, however I've only just created a membership hoping to ride and learn with a few fellow enthusiasts!

    Currently awaiting delivery for a used 2008 Honda CB400 :)

    Looking forward to learning from you all and I hope to see you out there!

    Ride safe homies.
  2. Welcome to NetRider and to the World of 2wheels notasquid!

    Join us in the Weekly Sydney Learner's Session in Homebush. the quick ride after the session is highly recommended.

    Sydney Learner Sessions (Weekly, Sat 1pm)
  3. Thanks BOB88R!

    I will definitely head out there as soon as I'm ready. I plan on getting acquainted intimately with my bike before taking her out haha
  4. Hey whereabout are you in Western Sydney - I'm from Western Sydney as well?
  5. Woodcroft area, quite close to Doonside station.

    What about you? I pick my bike up on Saturday from Team Moto in Blacktown. Hopefully get it back in one piece!
  6. Hi notasquid, you lived not far from me. I'm just in Rooty Hill. When you are ready to go to Homebush for the Learner's session, let me know, I can give you company.
  7. Oh nice, yeah not far at all hey.

    That would be great, really appreciate that! My idea is to just get as much riding time in after work and on weekends to eventually have the confidence to take it around twisties and what not :)
  8. I highly recommend you to join the Homebush Learner's Sessions and the After Session Group Ride to a learner-friendly twisties area of Dural/Castle Hill.