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Newbie from western suburbs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by justin_es, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Good day peoples.
    My name is Justin from western suburbs of Sydney NSW.
    Bit of a larrikin, Love to laugh not normally too serious.
    While I have ridden a lot of trail in my teen years I'm now 28 and starting my life riding on road.
    Always loved bikes but never got round to getting on one.
    Now that I'm on one I regret waiting so long :)

    I bought myself a Yellow 2008 Honda CB400SF. While my history is I love and drive V8's the High Torque V-Twin motors where quite appealing to me when I laid my eyes on the Honda and rode it I never looked back. Top quality built and finish.

    I'm interested in cruises in my local area and very interested in getting in touch with fellow CB400 riders so I can pick their brains for any thing I might need to ask as at this point in time I have a lot of questions and a lot to learn about the bike :)

    I am a family man so while I would be lying if I said I never give it a good squirt I'm just looking for good reasonably sensible fun.

    The bike is currently standard (Will post some pics up later) apart from a tail tidy, red wheel tape and lowered handle bars. Cant even really classify them as mods LOL
    I have a few small things I want to do to pick its game up a little as I want to hold onto it for a couple of years and not get rid of it as soon as I'm off my p's otherwise I wouldn't waste my time and money :)
    Also most upgrades are pretty much ride quality and smooth performance im not actually looking for MORE POWER as such :)

    Most of these will all be when current one's need replacing not just do it for the sake of it :)

    *I want to do the 520 chain and sprockets conversion. (Look into getting speedo corrected as I already suspect its out).
    *lighter brake discs
    *better quality wheel bearings
    *Slip on muffler.
    *K&N air filter but going to see what I can do with the restrictive airbox to modify it once I open it up (someone may already have some insight on this?) (I'm in the understanding there is a removable baffle in the air box that reduces airflow to help make it learner legal?) is this correct?
    *5 point earthing mod.
    *power commander to make sure its all running pristine and at peak performance every time I ride.
    *Stiffen up shocks a little as I way over 100kg but that's just via the standard adjustments no big $$$ upgrades and tiny bit of extra oil in the forks to help with the rebound and stiffening.
    *few other bits and pieces to dress it up to make it my own like adjustable levers, new fuel tank cap etc.
    *And of course a good quality front to back service with iridium plugs. valve clearance check etc.

    Throw me a g'day back and looking forward to being part of the community.

    Cheers guys.
  2. Welcome aboard Justin :]
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  3. G'day Justin,

    Your CB sounds exactly like mine. Was also a yellow 2008 with red wheel tape, tail tidy and lower wider bars. I'm thinking its probably the same one. You'd be the 4th owner, I was the second. I'd be interested to hear how its going. How many km are on it now? It had about 37 000 when I sold it. What did you pay for it?

    Anyway, I reckon its still going strong. Give us a shout if you want any advice CB wise.

    And welcome to the forummm.
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  4. Welcome mate.
    You should come down to homebush learners session and ride. Lots of great people to meet and learn from.
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  5. oh really awesome. Well hope nothing was wrong with it haha. Seems strong still to my knowledge.
    44000kms now and I paid 4400 with top box and tank bag and a hand full of other goodies like oil chain lube the stock parts etc.
    When im on the computer I might hit you up with a pm if you dont mind mate.

    Cool sounds good.
    When are these things held?
  6. actually I cant PM you either that or I haven't worked this forum out yet.
    Throw me a PM please Brmmm?

    Cheers mate.
  7. PM sent. But also quite happy to chat about the bike in this thread. Doesn't sound like the third owner put many Km on it in the year or so that he had it.
  8. Hey Brmmm
    When i open your profile there is no where for me to click PM or it wont even let me respond to the profile post.
    Am i on restrictions or something until i make a certain amount of posts?

    Correction its 40,000km so no the person registered it after buying it and pretty much just used it to commute locally when he didnt feel like using the car.

    As for am i looking after it.
    I have already found myself a good reputable local mechanic and i have him 1 step at a time going over the whole thing to make sure it stays in its current excelent condition. And i have no intentions of dropping it LOL but no one ever does so to keep the engine scratch free that it still is all this time ill be getting some oggi nobs just incase haha.
  9. Yes, keep posting, I can't remember the exact number of posts you need and some sub forums (sub fora) are not permitted a post unless you are a Premium Member, the sales area is an example, and some functionality like Tapatalk is only a Premium Member option.
  10. Not to worry.
    Thanks mate.

    Will just ask away here :)
  11. Hey guys as im not eligible for the buy/sell section can anyone give me advice on where to Buy half descent tyres for a good price in Outer West Sydney. NSW (Penrith)

    The bike came with Pirelli's on it which apparently the fronts of this particular tyre are known for slight steer wobbles (on the free way) and tend to pull to the left (road lean) which my bike is doing.
    I have had the bike looked at and everything was checked. All that's left is change the tyre.

    They are due anyway so not like im wasting good tyres.

    So please if anyone can recommend a descent cheap tyre and where to go to get them would be GREAT :)
  12. lol they are due for replacement. I put them on about two and a half years ago.

    They were nice when new. No chicken strips on the rear just from road use. So you can tell I found them pretty confidence inspiring. Much better than the Michelins I had on before them.

    I think they went on about 30 000km. You might find a note about it in the back of the owners manual.
  13. Yeah the bloke I bought them off suggested they are not far of 20,000km old but probably not far over 10,000 if your remembering correctly ill look at the paperwork tomorrow. I didn't really look into it too much. They are a little low visually but not dead by any means
    What is the common km on a bike tyre anyway?

    There isn't an issue with the rear but from the symptoms I gave the mechanic, he told me what tyre was on the bike before he even saw it and he was spot on so I'm guessing its a common thing for the fronts on this particular tyre type.
    Not Pirellis as a whole please don't confuse my comment :)

    Its all good I have a few good suggestions of people to ask on another forum.
    Or even a USA website to look at but I have no idea so me buying tyres off a website is probably a very bad idea LOL
  14. well Im no tyre expert. What sort of riding will you be doing?
  15. #15 justin_es, Jun 6, 2014
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2014
    Well I have been recommended sport touring tyres
    Michelin Pilot Road 4 (Top of the market for wet) or
    Pirelli Angel GT. (top of the market for tyre life)
    (According to the website and compared to its equal range[sport touring])

    Pirelli Angel ST currently fitted but you might have remembered that :)
    which is a sport touring tyre aswell