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newbie from VIC

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by K9 69, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. hey guys new around here. on afew other forums and stumbled across this one thaught id check it out

    anyway im tom im 19 been riding dirtbikes since i was 5 , got my first roadbike when i turned 18 and here it is.
    dont laugh at my chicken strips lol.photo was taken when i first got it but im getting there slowly!
    look foward to getin out on some rides and meetin afew more riders
  2. Hey mate,
    Welcome to Netrider. Beautiful bike you have there - looks great in white :)
    Keep her clean and ride safe buddy.
  3. Welcome on board Tom and nice bike.
  4. welcome mate, nice spewzuki :)
  5. sweet looking bike, man!

    she's well looked after. welcome to NR :)
  6. Welcome. Very cool looking bike.
    Ride safe.
  7. thanks for the kind welcoming everyone.
    yeah shes immaculate im very fussy with maintainence and upkeep. my mates always stir me about how much time i spend cleaning it lol.
  8. Hi welcome to NR
  9. g'day tom, im 19 too, been riding for 1 year more though haha this road stuff is not half bad.

    you in melb?
  10. Welcome
  11. welcome mate. very nice looking bike.
  12. thanks everyone, you guys are real freindly here. yeah jimmyD im in melbourne western suburbs