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Newbie From Toowoomba QLD. Aprilia RS250 Becks Race Rep

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Muttly, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Welcome to NR 2 stroke. The bike looks awesome!

    Any good rides around Toowoomba that us Brisbane Netriders could make a day trip out of?

  2. Hey guys & girls,

    Been on here about a week now and thought I better intro myself and say g'day.

    My Names Adam from Toowoomba in QLD.

    I own a 1999 Aprilia RS250 Becks Racing Rep with a few mods that I have done myself.

    Plenty more to come once the missus starts work again as she has been looking after our Little Man for the last 13 months.

    Anyways say hi and dont be shy to comment on me bike.

    Good or bad, I'm more than happy to here your views.

    Hopefully catch up with some people for a ride or 2 aswell.




  3. WTF...How did I get in front of you :shock:

    Considering you started the thread :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Sweet looking RS.

    I guess muttley just pre-empted his topic...
  5. hey hey... welcome to the forums......
  6. Thanks for the welcome fellas.

    Dunno how you posted first mate. Has happened in my thread in the general for sale section aswell. I dunno WTF is goin on there. LOL

    I usually just go for rides to Mount Glorious and Nebo but im sure you guys probably already ride there. Bloody awesome ride if youve never done it.

    Although there are a few nice roads to ride near my place and north upto and beyond crows nest nice long sweepers but nothing like the twisties I so love to ride. + ive only lived in Toowoomba for about 8months and had the bike for roughly 6 of them with not alot of time recently to ride so havent ventured out locally to see what is on offer.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome.

    (aka) Addy Jiggs
  7. "allo from me as well :cool:

    2_stroke_weapon eh? you know they can cure that these days :wink:
  8. Hey mate, Steady on. LOL

    Only 2 stroking that goes on between my legs is my BIKE ;)

    Cheers for the welcome ya cheeky bugga.
  9. yeah yeah they all say that mate....

    there are medications that can help you with that...
  10. ha ha another comedian.
  11. welcome from me too.....and geeze mutts, aren't you the keen one to beat me to the welcomes! managing to get in before the person involved even.....

  12. Hey and welcome!
    You have to be a nice guy- you are from my home town! :grin:
  13. Ya got that right Black!!!

    although i do have a bad side aswell. lol

    Thanks for the welcome and thats one hot looking ride you got there by the way. ;)
  14. Just thought i would post up another pic of me on the bike :)

  15. Gidday & welcome Adam.

    You'll have to come down to the Coffee Club sometime - or perhaps Ward_4e's breakfast on the Coast..
  16. Thank-you- pretty aint she? :grin:
  17. cheers for the welcome mate.

    Will definately be coming on a ride down to Wardies or the coffee club, just gotta organise my time a bit better thats all as i work nights

    Thanks again

  18. No worries at all.

    Yep very pretty, Damn sexy infact ;)
  19. VERY nice bike :grin: . I test-rode a 2nd hand one when I was buying my current bike. It was so much fun...while it worked. It kept dying on me at 100km, regardless of gear :? Hope yours is less troublesome.
  20. Cheers Pix.

    Yep they are one fun bike to ride when going well.

    Sounds like the one you were riding was either a dud or restricted to less HP although i have never seen a restricted one in aust b4.

    Mine goes great guns and pulls hard in every gear all the way to red line rocketing me to 160km/h+ in no time flat. havent pushed it passed the 185k mark yet as i want to live a little longer. 170k's thru the sweepers we have here is quick enough for me atm.