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Newbie from the lower blue mountains

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MickSV, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. #1 MickSV, Jul 12, 2015
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    Hi All

    A quick introduction from a newbie to Netrider, Not a newbie to two wheels.
    I live at the base of mountains try to get out for a blast at lest once a fortnight.

    You might see me on the Putty, Bells Line or the Southern Highlands, my chosen ride is an 05 SV 1000 Naked :]


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  2. welcome aboard :]
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  3. Welcome MickSVMickSV you might hear me swearing as I try to park my bike @ nepean hospital pain in the arse!
    Nice ride you've got there... I love Bell's might see ya there sometime!
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  4. Welcome MickSVMickSV. See you on the Putty.
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  5. Welcome Mick, I fixed the link to your image above. You need to just use the Direct link to the image not the HTML link. Then add the IMG tags around that link.
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  6. Thanks Chris
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  7. Welcome to NR..
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  8. G'day MickMick, welcome to Netrider. Nice track photo, you look like you mean business and I'm sure you do when heading out on the Putty Road.
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  9. Thanks for the welcome

    The weather is not looking real flash for this weekend, I might have limit my ride and just head down to the bottle shop and back ;-)
  10. welcome mate, Might see you around, keep an eye out for a white Husky supermoto, I love hitting up springwood, putty and bells. Might see you out there ;)

    Btw that pic of you at the track, Is that at eastern creek?