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Newbie from the Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Marls, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Greetings all,

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alex, turned 19 in January, and live on the Gold Coast.

    I joined these forums to occasionally see whats up in the motorbike scene in Australia.

    Admittedly, my biking experience is somewhat limited. I use to ride a 1980 Honda XL500s around the backyard until it decided to stop working. I live on about an acre and a bit, and the yard is littered with numerous obstacles like fallen over trees, still-standing trees, a shed and a tennis court... so I havent fully reached a decent speed on a bike yet. I'm currently on my motorbike learners, and looking at getting a Q-Ride certificate in the near future.
    Although I feel like there is a bit of motorbike experience in my blood (my father use to ride quite often, and went on a massive biking trip through India. My great-grandfather was some kind of motorbiking champion back in the 1930s for New Zealand), I'm pretty unexperienced.

    I studied Engineering for one year at university, until I decided to transfer to a B. Aviation (basically becoming a pilot) this year.

    tl;dr: new guy, inexperienced rider just checking in.

    See you all on the forums!

  2. howdy , Keep an eye on the qld section once ya get your licence, makes a great way to enjoy the country side
  3. Welcome! Hopefully see ya out on one of the local rides in the future. : ) Which Uni are ya at? I'm at Griffith here on the GC and there's a few of us students that ride together from time to time.
  4. Welcome Alex, few pilots on these boards
  5. Will do, Ben. cheers.

    Pesky, I use to go to the GC campus for engineering, but they only have the aviation degree at Nathan, so I'll be going up to Brissy every day.

    Do you guys organise dates where you meet up and all ride together from the forum? Also pesky are they just a few mates or does griffith have some sort of bike club?
  6. I'm pretty sure big group rides are organised here on the forum, the last one was postponed because of the floods. Smaller group rides have lately been organised on Facebook and the like.

    The guys I ride with are just random mates I met at on-campus bike parking. Perks to riding - Free parking. :D
  7. Ah righto. Yeah I saw a few of the threads in that section a while ago.

    Hahaha yeah. When I drove to uni, it'd take about an hour in total (I live about 20 minutes drive away) to get to class since I parked in the residential streets for free and had to walk ~30 minutes to get to class. Pretty frustrating on those hot days.