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Newbie from the Central Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Jaemus, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm Jaemus, I live in Gosford, NSW. Im 28, on my L's for the 3rd time cos I kept letting it expire - but this time I bought a bike of my own to help give me a reason to get out there and ride. I'm pretty new to the whole bike scene but have a lot of friends who ride and have inspired me to get into it.

    It's a pint-sized Yamaha YZF-R15 :D Got it a few weeks ago


    Here's me looking at in the showroom, trying to decide if I'm too fat for it.
    Probably made the wrong choice looking at the photo :LOL:


    In theory I can upgrade to my full license in as little as a year from now, but I'm really just starting to get my confidence so I'm in no tearing hurry.

    Plus, my wife has a CBR250R I can ride if I want as well.


    Always liked Yamaha, they do some excellent work with the cylinder heads on all the best Toyota engines that I'm also into, such as the BEAMS 3S-GE in my '90 MR2 - I hope its not a no-no to be into 'cages' as well as bikes on this forum?

    This is actually my 2nd bike, I had a Suzuki GR650 before that I rode a little bit, but sold because my wife was too short to ride it as well, and we wanted to do it all together. I also had a Kawasaki GPX250 that never ran, was bought in peices for cheap as a project :) I suppose that says a bit about me, I like to get my hands dirty - even before I was up to speed with my riding, haha.

    With the R15, I will probably leave it pretty much alone, and just focus on riding, but I would like to get a rear fender eliminator happening. Yamaha apparently fitted it with the blade of a boat oar for a mudguard :p Unfortunately the seat lock is integrated into this, so it might be a bit tricky. Ill figure something out though :)
  2. Hi had to manually approve your thread as the anti spambot will not allow pics from new users until they have made a few posts, enjoy your stay :)
  3. Nice looking bike. Hopefully it might inspire you to ride a bit more. Its great to get off the Ls and Ps because any speeding offence is a suspension. You can relax a bit more on a full licence, less need to keep an eye always on the speedo, safer in my opinion.

    Hopefully see you around as I'm up this way too.

    Welcome to the forummm
  4. thanks smee!

    Brrmm: mostly i follow my wife around, and she sticks to the speed limit rigidly, so it helps me to behave :) But yeah agree the sooner im off plates, the better:)
  5. I've really got to stop riding my wife's CBR. It really makes the R15 look bad :p not unexpectedly!